Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

12 Celebrities Who Got to Be Really Good Friends or Even Roommates

We tend to look at celebrities as these perfect, almost non-human creatures that have nothing in common with us. But the truth is that they are exactly like us when it comes to their actual lives. For example, like we meet and become friends with people from work, the same happens for them. Also, it’s incredible how many of them know each other before they become starts simply because they were roommates.

15+ Terrible Bosses You Wouldn’t Want to Work For

Most of us have a boss horror story. Whether it’s micromanagement, unfair treatment, or just plain disrespectful behavior, we’ve all experienced the frustration of working for a bad boss. In this article, we’ll be sharing stories from real people who have dealt with the challenges of working for a difficult manager. Read on to find out what they went through and what are the red flags in a working environment.

16 Popular Stars That Would Look Completely Different If They Had Bleached Eyebrows

We may not realize it, but one of the main facial features that make us look unique on this world is our eyebrows. Their shape, fullness and arch gives us this distinctive look that people recognize us for. So, it’s only natural that we’ll look a lot different if we ever bleached or get rid of our eyebrows.

10 Women in Fashion Who Are Leaving Their Mark in the Industry

Fashion has always been very attached to perfect beauty, a beauty that has absolutely no blemishes. However, as years go by, people inside and outside of the fashion industry are starting to look for diversity. A model’s weight, facial features and body disadvantages are no longer judged so harshly. That’s how these 10 models have managed to become stars and inspire millions of people worldwide.

16 Things Only People Who Grew Up Poor Have Learned to Appreciate

People come from all kinds of backgrounds, with some having more money than others. Those who grow up having very little, usually come to appreciate the smaller things in life. But, of course, they also get to know what a real struggle feels like and never have everything they need around. On the other hand, people who grow up having absolutely everything have no idea what it means to be deprived of necessities.

What 18 of Our Favorite Celebrities Looked Like Way Before They Became Huge Stars

Some celebrities have turned into icons after being in the industry for long decades. And given that they are so famous now and we see them everywhere, we tend to forget that these stars were at some point newly emerging artists trying to carve their path in Hollywood. Furthermore, it would be fascinating to discover what these celebs looked like in their younger years and how much or how little their physique has changed ever since.

11 Celebrities Who Didn’t Let a Wardrobe Malfunction Ruin Their Red Carpet Appearance

For a celebrity to make a red carpet appearance, it means that they need to have a team of stylists around them in order to get prepared. But no matter how many people tend to your preparation, accidents can happen at any given moment. A zipper might break if a dress is too tight and a slip might happen if you make an abrupt movement. That’s why there are others around to give a helping hand.

10+ Imposed Beauty Standards We Should All Stop Following

The definition of beauty is constantly evolving. However, outdated and unrealistic standards persist. It’s time to challenge these narrow ideals and embrace the diversity of beauty that exists within each person. Join us as we explore and challenge 11 of the most harmful and outdated beauty norms that we need to leave behind.

14 Celebrities Who Are Willing to Do Anything to Get the Perfect Red Carpet Photo

We’re used to the idea of celebrities looking their best on the red carpet. But do we actually know what tricks their stylists, designers, and makeup artists use to make them shine? We decided to find out what these tricks are and would like to share them with you.

14 Celebrities Who Proudly Shared Their Fresh Makeup-Free Faces

Being under the spotlight means that many people will search for the tiniest imperfection they can find in order to talk about you. This refers to clothes and especially a woman’s makeup and her face without it. That’s probably why so many women are afraid to show their true selves. Luckily, there are many of our favorite stars who are proud to show their makeup-free faces.

10 Beauty Standards From Around the World That Prove Beauty Isn’t One Thing

Throughout the centuries, the meaning and expectations of beauty have changed massively and keep on changing all the time. Weight, body figure, brows, hair and complexion are some of the things that people’s view on keeps changing. And of course, the country you live in plays a massive role in your personal opinion, since not all countries have the same beauty standards.

16 People Who Used Plastic Surgery As a Way to Improve Their Image

There are many reasons someone might choose to have plastic surgery. Maybe they feel insecure about something and want to change it or they see it as a way to feel better and more confident. Whatever their reasoning, plastic surgery shouldn’t be frowned upon since it’s not only a way to conform to social norms. It’s also a tool to help people boost their self-esteem.

12 Famous Generations of Celebrities That Continue to Shine in the Spotlight

Many of the celebrities and stars of today’s era have some close relatives that also used to be very successful in the entertainment industry. This definitely makes it easier for them to get their foot in the same business and make a name for themselves. Together we will see 12 generations of famous people who are ruling Hollywood in their chosen aspirations.

We Imagined 17 Celebrities With a Different Look, and the Results Are Astonishing

Some celebrities are known for their trademark look or facial features. And it would be interesting to see how altering one part of their body would impact their overall appearance. So we tried to shake up their styles by giving them a makeover, and we think they look equally stunning in the results.

Meet the Most Beautiful Men on Earth According to Science

The allure of personal appearance has consistently captivated the attention of researchers. Although beauty ideals fluctuate among societies, a recent investigation by Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon, has pinpointed certain physical traits commonly perceived as appealing in men. By utilizing the Golden Ratio, Dr. De Silva assessed the facial features of well-known male celebrities to measure their overall aesthetic excellence. So, who embodies these features? Continue reading to discover the answer.

13 Celebrities Who Got Brave Enough to Become Moms After 40

The mean age of first-time mothers has been increasing steadily around the world. Recent research shows that European women tend to have their first kids not earlier than 29. Italian and Spanish women don’t rush to become mothers approximately before 31. Perhaps modern women want to first enjoy living for themselves and dive into parenthood later.

15 Times Reality Actually Exceeded People’s Expectations

There are so many photos on the Internet that show how people’s expectations fell far off the cliff of reality. But there are others who were lucky enough to experience something totally opposite of this. For example, they ordered a piece of clothing online, and it turned out to be even better than it looked in the pictures.

10+ People With Extraordinary Physical Features That Will Leave You Baffled

Some individuals have exceptional physical features that distinguish them from others. For instance, there’s a condition known as hypertrichosis, which results in excessive hair growth on various parts of the body. Another is a congenital disorder called cleidocranial dysostosis, characterized by underdeveloped collarbones and skull abnormalities. While these unique traits may garner attention, it’s essential to appreciate and respect each person’s individuality. Let’s discover more physical characteristics below.

16 Celebrities Who Seem to Be Winning the Fight Against Time

Being in the public eye can mean that a lot of pressure is applied on you in order to maintain a youthful appearance. That’s why many women choose to go under the knife in order to achieve the perfect look. However, sometimes it’s also their genes that help them look younger than their ID indicates. Whatever the explanation for each and every one of them is, we can all agree that they don’t look their age.

18 Maternity Looks That Prove Fashion Can Accommodate Pregnant Women Too

During the 9 months of a woman’s pregnancy, her body changes a lot and it surely gets bigger. Naturally, her old clothes don’t fit her anymore and she has to wear larger and more comfortable garments. This doesn’t mean though that her clothes have to be tasteless or boring. They can be as magnificent and elegant as the clothes she used to wear before her pregnancy.