Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

Reasons That Will Make You Admire These 10 Celebrities Even More

It’s already known that bad news spreads faster than good news and that includes good vs bad publicity. When a celebrity acts like a diva or a spoiled kid, everyone knows it within hours. However, when someone makes very logical demands and acts in an admirable way, people don’t find out as fast. That’s why we chose to let you know about some facts that will give you another reason to admire these celebrities.

27 Celebrities Whose Real Heights May Surprise You

It’s not that easy to comprehend how tall our favorite celebrities are while watching them on-screen or looking at them in magazines. Men, for example, are often shown as taller than they actually are, while women tend to wear heels, making the task of determining their height even harder. That being said, you are likely to be surprised when you find out how tall some celebrities really are.

We Used AI to Check What 10+ Celebrities Would Look Like If They Aged Naturally

There is no doubt that aging will make some changes to our face and skin. However, with the advanced cosmetic procedures that we have access to now, we can minimize or even reverse the traces that the years will leave on our appearance. And today, we decided to check what some famous people would’ve looked like if they chose to age naturally.

10 Celebrities Who Brought Their Pregnancy Glow to the Red Carpets

Pregnant women often get the compliment that they’re glowing. Although it might just seem like something you say, it actually has various medical explanations, such as increased blood flow, hormone fluctuations and skin stretching. And because female celebrities are no different than other moms out there, they too earned their glow. The difference is, a few of them decided to rock it on a red carpet.

15 Stars Whose Real Name Only Few People Know

People with a common name have higher chances of being hired, claims a study. That might be one of the reasons why Natalie Portman left behind her birth name, Neta-Lee, but we may never know for sure. What we do know is that a large number of our favorite celebrities go by a different name than their real one and we’re often completely oblivious to it. So we put together this list with some examples that might surprise you.

15 Female Celebrities Who Know How to Let Their Beauty Shine Without Makeup

With cameras constantly lurking, it’s understandable why sometimes we rarely see famous women in a more natural look. However, every once in awhile, even our favorite stars give their skin a rest and embrace a makeup-free day. And their beauty still never fades, just look for yourself.

15 Hot Male Stars Who Could Totally Pull Off a Shaved Head

Celebrities often have a signature look that they feel matches better with their style and, for some guys, being bald isn’t an option. However, we felt curious about how some Hollywood hunks would look if they completely shaved off their hair. The answer is here and it doesn’t disappoint.

16 People Who Didn’t Win the Lottery But the Gene Jackpot

Genes, and especially our DNA, is one main reason each and everyone of us is unique in this world. And being unique sometimes comes with characteristics we might not be ready to welcome in us. For example, some people are born with a third nipple or with webbed toes. While they might not be alone in these features, they certainly are one in thousands if not millions to have them.

16 Pictures of Lovable Celebrities Show That They Have Only Gotten Prettier Through the Years

As years go by, all people change, since they get older and they decide to make certain changes in their appearance. Maybe they change the hair color or their hairstyle or they simply let the ageing process work unbothered. Some of our favorite stars from the last 90s and 00s haven’t changed that much and even if they have, our love for them remains the same.

15 People Who Fixed Their Teeth and Can Smile Without Being Self-Conscious

While teeth are the strongest part of our bodies and they last long after our demise, they are also very fragile. They need a lot of care and attention and they can be harmed in many different ways. One common issue with teeth is when they are not straight and have gaps. That’s when many of us visit the dentist and orthodontist in order to put braces on and fix the issues.

18 Celebrities Whose Faces Were Completely Transformed by Eyebrow Trends

Style trends are in constant transformation, and we’d notice that some looks that were very popular years ago have totally lost their appeal with time. For example, thin eyebrows were trending in the early 2000s, yet nowadays the popular look is the exact opposite. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that heavily plucked brows won’t make a comeback in the near future. This is why we decided to compare the looks of celebs flaunting these 2 different looks, and to see which style fits their face better.

16 Men Who Were Once Voted the Hottest Man Alive Are Still Charming

Looks have always been very important in our world and especially in show business. Having talent is necessary, but sometimes beauty is the most important factor, since talent can be cultivated if needed. And for decades now, People magazine has been announcing the sexiest man alive every single year. There may have been decades since some of these men have won this title, but their looks are still up there.

15 Celebrities Who Found Their Soulmate in People with Regular Jobs

Many people tend to meet their partners while at work and it’s only natural since we spend many hours of our day there. Maybe that’s why so many famous people tend to date and ultimately marry other famous people. However, on many occasions, stars meet people outside of their circle and these people turn out to be their life partners.

12 Celebrities Who Bumped on the Internet With Their Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements are common among our favorite celebs. However, superstars not only share these priceless moments with their loved ones, but also with their countless admirers. Some of the most touching social media postings include celebrity pregnancies. Famous parents-to-be have come up with a variety of inventive methods to announce their joyous news to the world, from gorgeous baby bumps to pregnancy test photos.

13 Celebrities Who Decided to Change Their Appearance and Made Us Gasp

The three most common reasons people change their appearance are for social acceptance, psychological issues and personal acceptance. Maybe they feel the need to alter something on them in order to feel better about themselves. Or they simply want to change their image and rebrand themselves. And there are many examples of famous women who have done that and look great no matter what.

15+ Celebrities Who Would Make Great Barbie and Ken Dolls

We’ve witnessed our beloved celebrities transformed in various ways — from aging them, to reimagining them as Disney characters or even as the opposite gender. But, one transformation we haven’t seen yet is them as Barbie and Ken dolls. Thanks to the advancement in AI, this is now possible and the outcome is quite impressive. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how Hollywood’s elite would appear as dolls.

How 12 of Our Favorite Stars Would Look If They Had Perfectly Symmetrical Faces

Many people still wonder if they’d be more attractive if they achieved facial symmetry, though artists have tried to show how uneven features are responsible for our face’s beauty. Now it’s time for us to check out how much celebrities we all know and adore would change with flawlessly symmetrical faces, for better or worse.

This Is How 15+ Celebrities Would Drastically Change If We Replaced Their Blue Eyes With Brown

All eye colors are charming and perfectly complement the skin tone and features of their owner. Having said that, it is fascinating to see how someone’s appearance would drastically change if we give them a different eye color. This is why we decided to modify the famously piercing blue peepers of some Hollywood stars, and replace them with brown. The results are very curious and in some cases totally transformative.

We Only Changed 10 Stars’ Eye Colour and They Started Looking Like Different People

People with brown eyes tend to get less sleep per night than those with light eyes, reveals a study. Other research seems to also have found a link between eye color and personality, claiming, for example, that women with dark eyes have low self-confidence. But when we look at someone, eye color seems to be a mere physical trait and it has a huge impact on our look. That’s why we decided to check out just how different a few celebrities would look if they were born with another eye color.

How Much 15+ of Our Beloved Stars Have Changed Since Their Very Early Roles

If we look back at the first roles of some of our favorite Hollywood stars, we might find it hard to believe that it is actually them. After all, we all change with time, and actors in particular have to sometimes completely modify their appearances for certain roles, which makes it even harder for us to recognize them. So we decided to dig deep and check how different some of our beloved actresses looked in their beginnings compared to now.