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19 Famous People Who Show That Even the Tiniest of Details Can Be the Most Stylish Aspect

Many people dream about going, even just once, to a red carpet event. For some, this is something that happens often in their lives. Singers, actors, and celebrities, in general, are used to these events and when the time comes to decide what to wear, they seek to renew themselves in originality, glamour, and lots and lots of style.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we compiled photos of celebrities who take their looks seriously and show that it’s important to maintain a sense of style, down to the tiniest details.

1. Did you notice that even actress Lucy Boynton’s hair part is full of style?

2. Cynthia Erivo’s nails are a work of art. They were inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night.

3. We’d love to at least have Serena Williams’ pinky style — what a powerful ring!

4. Remember when it was fashionable to wear butterflies in your hair? Saoirse Ronan has taken that style to another level.

5. Ever since Blake Shelton met Gwen Stefani, he’s been collecting seashells... and some of them were used to compose this beautiful dress.

6. Why wear pendants on your necklaces if you can be like Elle Fanning? The actress gave a show of originality with these nails.

7. Billy Porter is always a spectacle and is living proof that every detail matters on the red carpet.

8. Combining a handbag and footwear is a thing of the past. Jason Momoa created his own style and combined the color of his handbag with his hair tie. And it all came together beautifully with his divine pink suit.

9. Even Yara Shahidi’s eye makeup has meaning. The crystals she wore at the Met Gala refer to the symbol of Aquarius, the zodiac sign of the actress.

10. Style and creativity are in the details. Want to make your bag look more austere? Do like Lilly Singh and put colorful candy inside it.

11. From a distance, it looks like a simple pin. Up close, we can see that the brooch has the initials C and D, by Christian Dior. Elegant, isn’t it?

12. Lizzo knows how to put together looks like no one else! After all, it’s not enough to wear a chocolate-inspired outfit: your nails and handbag should also be part of the theme.

13. You may be wondering: who notices the gemstones between the fingers? Anyone who is as detail-oriented as Gemma Chan notices, yes, that person approves of the work.

14. Kristen Stewart shows us how we can show off eyebrows that go beyond creative.

15. For those who like details, every stone is important. In the case of Janelle Monáe’s dress, there were more than 168 thousand crystals.

16. Zendaya is such a princess that she wouldn’t even need to use a carriage bag. But the detail was cute, don’t you think?

17. Lady Gaga’s eyelashes have the spirit of wealth (we’re talking about gold accents after all).

18. Anyone who can pull off looks like Katy Perry knows that you need to be committed to style from head to toe.

19. Did you notice that Billie Eilish’s nail art is a continuation of her outfit? This detail is awesome!

If you had to attend a prestigious event with the most original outfit you could think of, what would you wear?

Preview photo credit VALERIE MACON / AFP / East News
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