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Now I've Seen Everything

14 Times Pets Proved They Can Make Themselves Comfortable Anywhere

When choosing a perfect bed for your pet, it’s necessary to consider many factors, for example, its size and type. Even the material of the bed can be tricky to pick correctly as our tiny friends might be allergic to it. However, even if you’ve done everything right, it doesn’t mean your pet will necessarily appreciate it — they often prefer to sleep in random and often uncomfortable places.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some of the most questionable places where pets made themselves comfortable in this compilation.

1. “If it fits, I sits!”

2. “My kitten was eaten by a Croc.”

3. Looking cozy

4. “Hello, you got a pawfect parcel!”

5. “I fit perfectly in this couch.”

6. “Nothing can be better than a cup of a bunny in the morning!”

7. “The sink is the coolest place, I swear!”

8. “Perfect fit!”

9. “Wherever we are, we should sleep together!”

10. “The dough has risen!”

11. “A guitar case shouldn’t be empty!”

12. “If he fits, he ships.”

13. “Would you like to have some bananas or cats?”

14. “A modern nest for a modern bird.”

Do your pets also love to sit in tiny places? Share the funniest place they’ve stayed in!

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