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Now I've Seen Everything

12 Photos That’ll Breathe Nostalgia Into the Hearts of Anyone Born Before 2005

The 90’s and early 2000s made a lasting impression on anyone who experienced these years. Whether because of its fashion fads, its music trends or the internet’s introduction to the world, people remember them fondly. Luckily, many items and photos from this period of time are still around, which makes reminiscing on those good old days a lot easier.

Now I’ve Seen Everything sends you on a time travel trip with pics that can bring back childhood memories for many of us.

1. “Kids these days will never know the struggle.”

2. PlayStation 1

3. This is where destroyed jeans started.

4. How we remember eating a happy meal at McDonald’s:

5. Roll-up windows

6. “Found my old Tamagotchi and now I’m 4 generations in.”

7. “Blank VHS and the crushing pain of realising you recorded on short play instead of long play.”

8. “Doesn’t get more 90’s than this.”

9. “These only played 30 seconds of the song but then I was amazed that you could listen to music in something so small.”

10. “I was leaning out my wallet when I found my Blockbuster card.”

11. “It’s Internet Time!”

12. What kids looked like everyday of elementary school:

Please let us know which of these photos reminds you of your youth and makes you feel the most nostalgic. Share with us some of the things you remember from the 90s or early 2000s, we’d like to know more.

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