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Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Will Find an Answer to Any Problem

Some people have a passion for searching and coming up with eccentric ways to fix their daily problems. And while these solutions aren’t always super effective or practical, they still bring great satisfaction to the person who’s found them. Because they help them use their vivid imagination and prove to others that life can get too boring if we all do things the conventional way.

Now I’ve Seen Everything we admire people who like to get crafty and aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Here are some interesting solutions that will make you see things around you in a new light.

1. ’’My zipper gave up, but these pants are still kinda good.’’

2. ’’My 12-year-old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding.’’

3. The designer of this toilet paper that comes with a smaller, on-the-go roll deserves an ingenuity medal.

4. ’’I trusted my husband to clean up from Christmas last year. This is what I discovered. Life hack or lazy?’’

5. Whoever designed this biker jacket with signal lights is a pure genius.

6. ’’I forgot my fork at home...does this count as a hack?’’

7. ’’New safe browsing accessory’’

8. ’’My dentist has a ’Where’s Waldo?’ ceiling panel to keep patients entertained during appointments.’’

9. ’’My friend broke his glasses and refuses to get new ones.’’

10. This creative person should be a car engineer.

11. Lack of clothesline space is no longer an issue for this imaginative person.

12. Who would think that this could actually work.

13. String your chains and necklaces through a straw to prevent them from tangling.

14. A simple solution for carrying a big load of groceries in one go without ever having to use a bag again. Just buy your own bin.

15. ’’Boys at my old middle school found a solution to too-thin toilet paper.’’

Have you ever been forced to come up with an unconventional solution for an everyday problem? Share your inventions with us in the comments.

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