20 Impressive Glow-Ups That Made Us Do a Double Take

2 years ago

Everybody grows up, but not everyone “glows up.” Improving one’s appearance takes motivation, hard work, and a ton of self-love. This journey can also be more than a physical transformation — it can be about growing emotionally too. And the more content you are with your life, the more radiant and beautiful your energy will be.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 20 inspiring before-and-after photos of people that prove we’re all capable of positive changes as long as we put our minds to it.

1. “You went from dorky to ’Woah!’”

2. 17 to 21 — it looks like a Kingsman transformation

3. “Lost 188 lbs (85 kg) in 25 months.”

WOWOW! How did you lose to much in such a short time? I need to lose 50 pounds and can't figure out how to do it. WTG.


4. “Age 16 to 19 — I started shaving and ditched the neckbeard.”

5. “Age 12 to 27 — lost a chin but gained a smile!”

6. “From age 18 to 28! Being a late bloomer isn’t the worst thing in the world.”

7. “My one regret is losing the hat.”

8. “Age 12 to 26 — I still feel a lot like the kid on the left.”

9. A 10-year difference

10. You never know if your classmate will turn into James Bond in his twenties...

11. “Age 12 to 24 — even some relatives don’t recognize me now.”

12. “Age 17 to 24 — I was bullied a lot growing up.”

13. “My wife 9 vs 29 years old. She looked older as a kid than she does as an adult.”

14. “From age 19 to 21 — how just 2 years can make such a difference!”

15. “Grew into the chin, the ears, and pretty much the whole face (age 12 to 22).”

16. “I’m thankful braces exist (age 12 to 20).”

17. “18 to 23. And I’m just getting started...”

18. “Fourth grade vs 22 years old — the photographer back then made me push my glasses up as I wore them on the tip of my nose.”

19. Age 16 to 20 — a kind reminder that teenage years pass.

20. “From 13 to 24. Everyone who was mean to me now regrets it, and tries reaching out.”

Do you have your own transformation collage? We’d be happy to see it in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit clinics******n / reddit


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