17 People Share the Unique Features Nature Decided to Give Them

2 years ago

There is so much uniqueness in the world. In the U.S. alone, about 200,000 people have heterochromia. Having four fingers in one hand might be normal in cartoons, but it can also be found in people. So, when someone has a feature like these, they immediately draw everyone’s attention.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you how unique the human body can be, introducing us to features we didn’t even know we could have.

1. “I can do this with my finger, and I greet people like that.”

2. “My boss has 2 pinkies conjoined into one.”

3. “My little brother”

4. “My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes”

5. “My friend has an extra crease in his fingers.”

6. “Been seeing a lot of 4-finger-havers, here’s me! I was born with 3 of them.”

7. “I have a triangle on my shoulder. No idea where it’s from.”

8. “I was born with 6 toes on my left foot and my coworker was born with 4 toes on her right foot.”

9. “Only a certain patch of my hair went grey.”

10. “I have dermatographia and can write on my skin.”

11. “My fingers are naturally curved, and I cannot put them straight and flat. I have no idea what causes this.”

12. “I have a condition called vitiligo, so I tan cow print.”

13. “People liked the elf earrings. This is what my ears look like.”

14. “My kid is a shark (2 adult teeth growing behind primary teeth).”

15. “I was born with very short fingers.”

16. “I have a rare disorder called multiple hereditary exostosis, which causes bone growths on various body parts.”

“Normally these aren’t very noticeable, but the one on my forearm grew on my growth plate, causing the bone to grow in the opposite direction.”

17. “I was born with only four fingers on my left hand.”

Do you have a unique or extraordinary body part that people are curious about?


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