19 Times People Who Witnessed Tiny Sparks of Magic Around Them

2 years ago

Watkin Tudor Jones said, “The only real things in life are the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion.” This is particularly true if you think about how the greatest things that happen to us sometimes appear out of nowhere. And this proves we should appreciate every little thing, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants you to remember that life itself is a miracle, and it has hidden many surprises for us all around.

“Sunlight hitting her ring just right”

“Frozen flower I found in Austin during the Texas winter storm”

“Decomposing jeans I found on the job yesterday”

“Today, I saw a weird circle in the sky. Lots of folks pulled over to take pics of it.”

The way the drizzle froze to the chicken wire

“I found a shell that looks like an AirPod.”

“A tree stump in my yard grew four different types of fungi.”

“This palm tree is growing out of the middle of an oak tree.”

“I photographed a squirrel so close that the reflection in its eye shows my phone and my hand with the pine nuts.”

This cloud looks like a tornado.

“What would cause my friend’s lawn to look like this after the snow melted?”

  • That’s some major vole activity. They look a lot like mice but tend to be very active under winter snow and like tunneling. © midrandom / Reddit

“These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

“Water froze in my fire-pit cover and made this wreath.”

“Found this thing on the sand. Slowly moving, floats in water.”

“This winter scene that appeared on our car”

“Bubbly clouds that I took a picture of last spring”

“My raw egg has the number 5 on its yolk.”

“The river near me flooded, then froze, then the water receded leaving these hovering ice shelves on the trees.”

“I have one eyelash that has grown extra-long and is only brown up to where it should have stopped growing.”

Bonus: “My husband and I heard a big crash at 5 a.m., like something had fallen off the roof. Later, he found this feather mass on the ground.”

  • Showed this to my wife (ornithologist and zookeeper of 15+ years). The inside very likely has fly eggs on it and the feathers are likely from a duck. But she has never seen a feathered mass grown off of a bird like this. © hsudude22 / Reddit

What has been the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen at a random time? Did you take a memento of it or did you leave it where you found it?

Preview photo credit grimama / reddit


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