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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Pics That Can Trick the Eyes of Even the Most Attentive People

Finding the right perspective is one of the most challenging yet fun tasks for photographers because they are translating the 3D world we see into a 2D image. Playing with confusing perspectives can be a great exercise for photographers, but even people who aren’t that familiar with this art sometimes encounter objects that can trick their eyes and take curious pics.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found a few photos that lucky internet users shared.

1. “My levitating kid on the ice rink”

2. “Caught my aunt’s dog mid-jump and she looks photoshopped.”

3. “Hi, there!”

4. “Walked downstairs and did a double-take.”

5. “Headed somewhere...”

6. “Floating upper body”

7. “The kittens I’m adopting looking like a 2-headed cat.”

8. “Long arm hug”

9. “Legs for days”

10. “Got these well-timed shots from our road trip.”

11. “Perfectly aligned reflection”

12. Tiny pens

13. “My dog’s legs”

14. “Giant cat”

15. Something doesn’t add up here.

Have you experienced this kind of magic before? Are you a timing magician yourself? Do you have some bewildering photos in your portfolio? Please share them with us.

Preview photo credit Omgitspeeb / reddit
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