Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Times Our Eyes Played Annoying Tricks on Us

The perspective we have when we take pictures can alter what we see and how we see things. Also, colors can play a huge part in making us misunderstand what we see. The results are usually very entertaining and most people love seeing what is really going on and how their eyes were initially confused.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 tricky shots that your eyes might need to focus on for a couple of seconds.

1. “Someone broke the cat.”

2. The glass reflection makes it look like this house was snowed-in.

3. “Salvador Dali’s face”

4. “My dog’s face looks like a Vincent van Gogh painting.”

5. “Ultra-rare, double-ended horse spotted this morning.”

6. “She looks as if she has no legs.”

7. This woman’s upside-down face looks like a mildly disappointed dwarf.

8. “She’s got some crazy legs.”

9. “This yam looks like a human hand!”

10. “My kid is levitating on the ice rink.”

11. “My dog has 7 legs.”

12. “I found a creepy face in my spade.”

13. This curly fry is in “treble.”

14. “I caught a rainbow in a clear mineral, and now it looks like Marvel’s ’Infinity Stone.’”

15. “Tiny adult, large chair”

What was the last time your eyes were tricked and you felt like you were seeing something that wasn’t there?

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