Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 Times People Stumbled Upon Sights They Couldn’t Resist But Capture

Focusing on what’s happening around us isn’t as easy nowadays as it was in the past. So many people walk with their phones in their hands or their brain is busy their own problems. However, there are still people who try to look around their surroundings and check out how unique life often is. Maybe it’s not the solar eclipse, but there are other smaller sightings that can make your day feel quite unique.

Now I’ve Seen Everything felt that these 16 pictures couldn’t stay out of the spotlight and more people deserve to see and enjoy them.

1. “Reuse your waste container as a lounger.”

2. “Someone at work this morning, no idea who. He is just sitting in the middle of the hall in front of the elevators.”

3. Apparently, he goes to the gym.

4. “I have no idea why.”

5. What’s going on in Rye?

6. “This car I found has enough room for one person only.”

7. “I wonder how many people put their hands inside the waste bin and wondered why the hand dryer did not work.”

8. How to never run out of candy.

9. “I came home to a package I didn’t order. I opened it up to find this.”

10. “I found a microwave in the woods while hiking. Why? How?”

11. Real magic

12. “He’s just on top of the closet.”

13. “I saw this while doing my delivery job. I guess someone forgot how to park.”

14. Because there is no reason at all for this.

15. “My school doesn’t have locks on the stalls. So, we came up with a solution here.”

16. “Edible coffee cup made from oats and grains.”

Do you often notice unusual and surreal things outside on the streets? How do you usually react?

Preview photo credit kraven420 / Reddit, YassarZ / Reddit
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