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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Times On-Screen Couples’ Huge Age Gaps Went Unnoticed Due to Their Chemistry

Significant age gaps in loving couples are a normal thing that we can see both in Hollywood and in real life around us. However, oftentimes on-screen love birds don’t talk about their age in movies and TV shows so we might have no idea that the gap is there or that it’s rather big. In this article, we are going to compare the ages of the actors who had great chemistry on camera.

1. Anne Hathaway (25) and Steve Carell (45) in Get Smart

2. Sean Connery (68) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (29) in Entrapment


3. Elizabeth Olsen (32) and Paul Bettany (50) in WandaVision

4. Keira Knightley (34) and Jason Clarke (50) in The Aftermath

5. Jack Nicholson (60) and Helen Hunt (34) in As Good as It Gets

6. Léa Seydoux (36) and Daniel Craig (53) in No Time to Die

7. Bill Murray (52) and Scarlett Johansson (18) in Lost in Translation

8. Kate Winslet (33) and David Kross (18) in The Reader

9. Robert Redford (56) and Demi Moore (30) in Indecent Proposal

10. Audrey Hepburn (28) and Fred Astaire (58) in Funny Face

11. Jack Nicholson (66) and Amanda Peet (31) in Something’s Gotta Give

12. Tom Hiddleston (32) and Tilda Swinton (53) in Only Lovers Left Alive

13. Emily Carey (19) and Paddy Considine (49) in House of the Dragon

14. Steve Martin (60) and Claire Danes (26) in Shopgirl

15. Emma Stone (25) and Colin Firth (53) in Magic in the Moonlight

Do you believe that intergenerational love relationships work in real life? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comment section.

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