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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Pics That Will Melt Your Heart Like Butter on a Warm Toast

Photos can trigger memories faster than words, and it’s mainly because our brains are more efficient at storing visual qualities. And sometimes, a simple picture can invoke emotions too. Just like these sweet images that are overflowing with warmth and happiness, that we can’t help but feel them too.

1. “My wife loves giraffes, so when we first started dating, I took her to her first up-close experience with one.”

“This is still one of my favorite photos of her — it was pure bliss, followed by buckets of happy tears.”

2. “My nephew hilariously digging his X-ray”

3. “Uber is super mega cute.”

4. “It’s safe to say my daughter loves having all the animals!”

4. “Olive wondered why I was 45 seconds late with her breakfast this morning.”

5. “He’s going to make you fried eggs.”

6. “My baby girl just got out of the NICU, and she and her twin are so happy to be together again.”

7. “My girlfriend adopted the kitten that I found under my Jeep. I think she’s happy to be inside.”

8. “It’s called fashion.”

9. “Beans are coming in nicely this season.”

10. “More food! Please!?”

11. “My little ’big shark’ for Halloween”

12. “May I introduce you to one of my precious rats — Gizmo!”

13. “Notice the heart!”

14. “I rescued young black flying fox Galileo.”

15. “Sir Reginald”

16. “The cutest hiding spot — he thinks I can’t see him.”

17. “Don’t you ever bring that bird into this house. She will not be welcome here.”

“He can’t deny that he loves my pet, haha!”

18. “My niece was jokingly given a roll of toilet paper as her Christmas gift and she LOVED it.”

19. “I made this rocking chair in a wood shop class when I was 14. I had no idea why I’ve kept it for 24 years.”

“I’m 38 years old now, and I have finally realized it belongs to my son. His face makes all those years worth it.”

Do you believe that looking at photos of babies and pets can improve your mood?

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