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10 Reasons Why Some Public Restroom Doors Don’t Reach the Floor

We must admit that many of us are not fans of entering a public restroom, but the truth is that we’ve all had the need to use one. If we talk about the most characteristic details of these places, we could highlight that the doors of each stall do not reach the floor, but why? Although we could see it as something very annoying and not very private, there are certain reasons behind its design.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we love to pry, and we put on our detective’s hat on to solve this question that may have crossed your mind too. At the end you’ll find a bonus, so be sure to read on, it’s getting good!

1. If a person loses consciousness or has some other urgent medical condition in a fully enclosed stall, it could take hours until someone notices it. With the space, you can see if someone needs help.

2. Space below the stall door helps visitors to see that there’s someone inside, and prevents people from barging in on another person.

3. Fully enclosed stalls are more likely to provide you with an unforgettable gag-inducing experience since it isn’t so easy to get rid of the smells inside. The space between the floor and the door helps to eliminate odor from inside.

4. Full doors are more expensive, require a more precise design, and the use of different materials. Small doors allow a cheaper and simpler installation.

5. Psychologically, the less protected and enclosed a person feels, the less likely they are to do something harmful and risky.

6. If you’re in an enclosed restroom and there’s no toilet paper, you could be in big trouble. Thanks to the space available in public restrooms, you can ask someone to save you from tragedy.

7. It’s next to impossible to get out of a fully-enclosed bathroom stall on your own once the lock jams. If there is a gap, you can get out even if the lock is jammed.

8. Fully-enclosed stalls give visitors a cozy feeling of isolation. They cut out the noise of heavy bathroom traffic, and as a result, people lose the sense of others who’re waiting for their turn. Small doors make people take less time.

9. In case of a pipe break, water will not accumulate and will flow through the space between the door and the floor.

10. A custodian can simply run their mop under the doors instead of wasting time on opening and closing each of them.

Bonus: Why do most bathroom doors open inward?

  • This is so you don’t hurt anyone when you open the door
  • This prevents you from blocking the hallway if there is a lot of movement
  • It can allow you to move in case of emergency
  • It prevents odors from leaving the stall
  • It cannot be locked by someone else, but it is easier for you to lock the door if the lock is broken

What’s an experience you’ve had with public restrooms — did something funny happen to you? We’d love to hear the story!

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