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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Images So Perfect They’re a Delight to the Human Eye

It’s not common to find things that have symmetrically pleasing shapes in everyday life. A piece of ice with the silhouette of a leaf, clamshells perfectly arranged by size, or an ideal swirl of moisturizer are a gift that is hard to miss.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we found images so harmonious that we came back to see them again and again because they were so satisfying.

1. “This leaf-shaped ice”

2. A truckload of carrots

3. “Only the leaf skeleton remains”

4. A well synchronized ratatouille dish

5. An impeccable display of products

6. “Once upon a time, I made a perfect swirl when I squeezed my moisturizer out of the tube.”

7. “The way this test receipt printed”

8. “This rubber band stuck in my shoe”

9. “500 old singles vs 500 brand new”

10. “Perfect fit”

11. “The way these fit in the bag”

12. “The registration stickers on this car”

13. The formation of water droplets around these leaves is absolutely magical.

14. “The way the snow peeled off of the brick”

15. “Years of paint came loose from the ice cube tray I’d been using as a palette.”

16. “The light opening in the building’s design fits perfectly with the car’s dimensions”

17. Delight for the palate and the eye

18. “These perfect little swirls in my arlettes give me hope.”

19. “When the family serving size fits oh so nice.”

20. Candies sorted by color

What symmetrically perfect thing have you come across that is hard to forget?

Preview photo credit -sUBzERoo- / Reddit
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