10 Famous Women Whose Bodies Have Been Scientifically Recognized As the Most Beautiful

3 months ago

Beauty is a broad concept, and each person is unique and beautiful in their own way. However, lists of the most attractive women and men have long been compiled by people. We found a ranking based on scientific data that named the most beautiful and proportionate female bodies.

Salma Hayek — 88%

Elle Macpherson — 88.3%

Cameron Diaz — 91%

Katy Perry — 92%

Kelly Brook — 92.9%


Rita Ora — 93%

Marilyn Monroe — 94%

Helen Mirren — 95.6%

Kim Kardashian — 96.3%

Scarlett Johansson — 96.4%

Here are famous women whose faces have been recognized as the most beautiful according to science. Scarlett Johansson has once again made it to the list.


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