20 Real Stories with Such Wild Plots You Could Never Predict

4 weeks ago

Sometimes in movies or books, we encounter such a twisted plot that we skeptically think it’s impossible in real life. In reality, there are unpredictable and inexplicable events that happen, things even many screenwriters wouldn’t have thought of.

  • When I was 5 years old, I was in a restaurant with my mum and brothers when I saw this man across our table. I just couldn’t stop looking at him, thinking to myself that I really knew him. As a 5-year-old kid, I just felt drawn to him. I finally told my mum and I ask her who that man was.
    When she saw him, she was gobsmacked; he was the obstetrician that had delivered me; basically he was the first face, the first human being I ever saw in the whole world in my whole life. Note that after that moment, my birth, I have never seen him again. But somehow I recognized him! After the first shock, my mum went to talk to him, he remembered my mum as I was the only red hair child he has ever delivered (in Brazil). When we told him what had just happened, he was also amazed and said that he will always tell this story. © Marcia Jones / Quora
  • This happened to my aunt in the 80s. She had this weird dream about being abducted and medically tested inside a UFO. The classic alien nightmare. She thought nothing more of it.
    A few days later, she goes to a routine dentist appointment and gets an x-ray. The dentist shows her the x-ray image and there seems to be something under one of her molars. I saw the x-ray myself and there was what I would guess is a metal rectangular object in there. Anyway, the dentist decides they got to take it out. They make an appointment to do just that, something close to a week later.
    They finally get to the appointment, and begin. Here’s where it gets weird. They find nothing. The dentists take another x-ray. Nothing. Gone. I saw that x-ray too. Nothing there. Weirder still, she says she had the same dream again two nights before returning to the dentist. © Ian Burelle / Quora
  • A friend of mine started seeing this guy we met on a night out. They were really into each other and were going out for a couple of months when she randomly saw him in the street talking to her ex. Not just any ex, the first guy who broke her heart.
    She runs up to them confused, asking how they know each other. They’re BROTHERS.
    © Dionne94 / Reddit
  • Both my dad and his brother were members of the same fraternity when they were in college. One day, my dad is going to his car when this girl stops him and tells him off for not providing rides to a social event for the girls in her sorority. My dad patiently waited until she was done and then told her she could tell that to my uncle. The girl was mortified, so much so that my dad decided to make it up to her by taking her out. And that is how my dad met my mother. © C_Alan / Reddit
  • I was telling a client about a guy I met where I spend my summers. A real piece of work who had a bad reputation in town because he was caught cheating on his wife more than once and flashed money around like he was rich. He blew all his money trying to develop some property and now was running out of businesses in town who would work with him.
    She asked his name. It was her fiancé. So now I’m on the phone with my client, who is crying because she was planning her wedding to a guy who had no money but a wife. © designgoddess / Reddit
  • Years ago, my company was slowly going under, so I was looking for other jobs. I got a job with another company and put in my two weeks’ notice with my manager. “I’ve been offered another job, and I’m taking it. I’m putting in my notice,” I told my manager. He replied: “Oh, well, we hate to lose you. Do you mind me asking where you will be going?”
    I mentioned the name of the company, and he made this face, adding that he had applied for the same position. Then, I ended the conversation by saying: “I’m sorry to tell you that you didn’t get it.” © Contorto103 / Reddit
  • Right after high school graduation, I met a girl who had the exact same name as my mother — it was Jacqueline, for the record. We were both born and raised in the same mid-sized city. I didn’t think much of it beyond the obvious “Oh, that’s a completely coincidental happenstance!”
    Fast-forward two or three months, she and I are dating. I meet her parents, and her dad ’swears’ he’s met me before. A couple of weeks later, I go to visit Jacqueline at work and am greeted with the following: “So, I know why my dad thinks you look familiar. Turns out, he dated your mom in high school, then named his daughter after her.” © FabricateReality / Reddit
  • After three painful attempts at conceiving, my wife and I started the process of adoption. Days after we sent all the final paperwork, we found out my wife was also expecting. Twins. I now have three 11-year-olds that are seven weeks apart in age. © RoboNinjaPirate / Reddit
  • For backstory, I was in love with my best friend for a long time, but something was always in the way. We had dated once, but it didn’t end very well. I was going to a party with a mutual friend of ours, and he told me that my best friend was going to propose to this girl I couldn’t stand that night. He told me where he was going to propose, so I rushed there to stop him and proclaim my love for him, you know how it goes.
    When I get up there, I see that he has everything set up: candles, rose petals, the NYC skyline, everything that would make a girl melt. I pick up a piece of paper he had placed on the ground, read it, and when I look up, he’s down on one knee proposing to ME. © IZ3820 / Reddit
  • I joined the military in the 80s. When I was leaving for basic training, my sister was dating an old friend of mine named George. After basic and tech school, I came back to find out George had married my mom while I was away. The marriage lasted less than a year, but they still live together 30 years later. © fellar111 / Reddit
  • I have an aunt (technically step-aunt) that I only vaguely knew from some family events. I thought she was a motivational speaker because she was always posting pictures of herself on stage talking to large crowds.
    Turns out she was running a multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme. But that’s not the real plot twist. That aunt that I remembered was actually her twin sister who had started the pyramid scheme; she is the evil twin who stole it from her. © Hunterlovespb / Reddit
  • I was a Starbucks barista before the whole “names on cups” thing was big. There was this very cute guy who came in maybe 4-6 times a week. A little often, but nothing out of the ordinary. I flirted like mad. He flirted back. It was all great.
    Then he comes in with his fiancée. I was betrayed and treated him coldly from then on. A month later, two of him come in together, and I find out that they are twins, and I’d shot down any chance I had with the single one. © mindovermacabre / Reddit
  • While my mother was pregnant, she was told that her child had an irregular heartbeat, so she should be prepared for some complications. On the day that she was to give birth, they had doctors and everything prepared to assist in the birth. Turns out that after she birthed my brother, the doctor turns around and says, “Oh, there’s another one,” and that was me. Surprise twins! © luckyz / Reddit
  • I once went on a date with a girl. She was nice, but not really my type. I did not call her after the first date.
    One month later, I got a new job. The first day I show up at my office, my boss introduces me to the person who will be training me. Lo and behold, it was this girl. We became friends later, so it wasn’t too bad. © i_rae_shun / Reddit
  • This was the early 2000s. My dad goes to the eye doctor because he is seeing double. In all other respects, he’s healthy. He explains his symptoms to the doctor. The doctor picks up a medical book on eye problems. He finds the kind of symptoms my dad is describing. The doctor shows him the book. In the book, there is a whole medical page explaining what he is experiencing and a picture of a kid from the 1960s.
    My dad looks at the picture and says, “Doc, that’s me!” The doctor says, “Yes, those are the symptoms you are showing.” My dad says, “No, really, that’s me in the picture!” It turns out my dad had this eye problem when he was a kid, and it was so rare that they took his picture in the 1960s and slapped him in a book of rare eye problems. He doesn’t remember much about taking the picture, but he did manage to get a copy of it to take home. © flounceymagoo / Reddit
  • I once went on a date with a girl. She was nice, but not really my type. I did not call her after the first date.
    One month later, I got a new job. The first day I show up at my office, my boss introduces me to the person who will be training me. Lo and behold, it was this girl. We became friends later, so it wasn’t too bad. © i_rae_shun / Reddit
  • When I went to Tokyo, I ended up going to some nightclubs with some nice Japanese people. At about 2 a.m., we were in our fourth club, and some random fella said, “Hey! You look like you speak English. Where are you from?” To which I replied that I’m from (small town) in England.
    His eyes lit up, and he burst out laughing. He was a security guard at the shopping center where I live. He name-dropped the place and also the shops he patrols. I couldn’t believe it. This proved to me for the first time ever that the world really is a small place. © TheTwoHands10 / Reddit
  • Had a manager at my high school job in fast food. She was overbearing and liked to micromanage everything. She always walked around like she was better than the rest because she was the youngest manager. Happily married for 9 years in December, she is a stay-at-home mom with our two sons now. © bcos4life / Reddit
  • Studying abroad in England, I planned a weekend trip to Barcelona with this girl. This is pre-cellphones. I overslept. Got to the airport like three hours late.
    As soon as I arrive, there’s the girl. At the exact same time, we both say, “I am SO sorry... Wait, what are you sorry for?” Turns out she’d overslept too. The airline changed our tickets for us, at no charge, and we got to Barcelona a few hours late. © moak0 / Reddit
  • After my father died suddenly, I had to clean out his place and dispose of any of his things that we didn’t want to keep. In his things was his cell phone. I got all the contacts out of it and then turned the phone off for the last time and put it in a drawer in my office. I spent that first week sort of in shock and planning for the funeral and settling his estate.
    At one point, I had wondered why I hadn’t felt that he was around me. About 5 minutes later, my phone rang. Caller ID showed it was my Dad calling from his cell phone number. What!!! I just sat there in shock for a couple of rings, trying to process it. I answered the phone and there was nobody there. I rushed from my house to my office and his phone was still in the drawer and still turned off. © Gordon Miller / Quora

Sometimes in life, there are events that cannot be logically explained. Here is a collection of stories from people who have encountered such situations.


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