10 Famous People Who Openly Defied Standards and Aren’t Afraid to Be Themselves

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As humans, we all have particular habits and ways of behaving that we have acquired over time. Even famous people, who are no exception, have their own idiosyncrasies. What distinguishes them is the high standards to which they must always adhere. These expectations are challenging to live up to, and even harder to reject, but these celebrities made the choice to openly embrace themselves and lose their most intimate habits.

Julia Roberts doesn’t use deodorant.


The actress pays a lot of attention to what she eats and the hygiene products she uses. The Oscar-winning actress said in an interview that she only uses soap and water and hasn’t used deodorant for a long time.

Kim Kardashian sleeps with her makeup on.

Jason Mendez / Everett Collection / East News

Every girl likely knows this important beauty rule — always wash your makeup off. But this star has her own opinion on the matter. Once, Kim Kardashian said that she almost always tries to keep her makeup for 2 days and goes to bed with it, even if she’s not planning to appear in public the next day. All she has to do in the morning is fix it, and she’s ready to go.

Brad Pitt washes with wet wipes.

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

Brad Pitt is also on team “wet wipes,” sharing with a co-star that he is always busy, doesn’t have time to shower, and goes days without it. Moreover, he’s also ditched deodorant and soap.

Adele rarely shaves her legs.

Invision / Invision / East News

In an interview, the singer said she had to shave her legs for the first time that month. And when the journalist asked her how her boyfriend felt about it, she said it wasn’t his choice because it was only about her.

Lady Gaga pees in a bucket.

Stage life comes with a lot of unpleasant moments. And Lady Gaga’s honest confession is excellent proof of this. She says that putting on and taking off her concert costumes takes so much time that it’s sometimes easier to pee in a bucket than go to the toilet.

Mena Suvari removed her breast implants.

Janet Gough / AFF-USA.com / MEGA / East News

Suvari decided to have the surgery when she was pretty young — several years after the release of American Beauty. The actress thought it would make her life easier, but she started to regret it and had the implants removed. Now, she is happy as ever.

Leonardo DiCaprio skips deodorant.


For environmental reasons, the actor rarely showers — once or twice a week. Moreover, he also skips deodorant — because it’s not a natural product.

Cameron Diaz doesn’t wash her face.

The actress has entered a time in her life where she doesn’t put any energy into the way she looks, rocking her self-acceptance. She never washes her face. “I don’t want it to be about what I look like,” she says. “I literally do nothing. I have billions of products that I use twice a month if I’m lucky.”

Angelina Jolie eats insects and spiders.

Angelina Jolie likes to occasionally eat insects and spiders. Moreover, her kids love to snack on the bugs too. The famous actress isn’t the only celebrity who has made insects part of her diet: Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake reportedly enjoy them too.

Robert Pattinson doesn’t like washing his hair.

SNAPPER/bauergriffinonline.com/East News

Robert Pattinson revealed that he doesn’t wash his hair for a long time and it has become a habit of his. He explained, “I have so much residue in my hair from years and years of not washing it and not having any sense of personal hygiene whatsoever.” He reasoned, “If you don’t wash it for 6 weeks, you won’t have to wash it ever again. Until it gets unbearable.”

Do you know of any more famous people with odd rituals or habits? Or maybe you want to share some of your own odd behaviors.

Preview photo credit SNAPPER/bauergriffinonline.com/East News, AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / East News


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