15 Girls Who Trusted the Wrong People to Do Their Makeup

2 years ago

There are over 3,300 makeup artists in the US alone, with 79% of them being women. This means that every city has enough professionals from which customers can choose. Unfortunately, not everyone reads the reviews or asks for other people’s experiences. Because if they did, they would have saved themselves some serious heartache.

Now I’ve Seen Everything realizes that makeup is a huge deal for many women, and these 15 girls are proof that some makeup artists should find a different career path.

“And the entire hairline! It looks like someone tossed flour through a fan at her.”

This girl went to get her trial makeup done for her wedding. She wanted natural makeup with light lips. Here is what she got.

“Just a little self roasting session for how I used to do my eyebrows...”

“This is the makeup I got before a small fashion show I was supposed to be in.”

Well, the brows were greatly improved by make up person. Unfortunately it looks like he or she accidentally tripped and splashed all the shadow under your brows.


“Asked a makeup artist for homecoming makeup.”

“I went to get trial makeup done for prom. I don’t know if 100% of this is bad or not, but the left side isn’t that great.”

“I got my hair and makeup done for free as a ’model’ in Brazil, I was happy with the hair — with the makeup, not so much.”

“I got my makeup done and the artist BUTCHERED my eyebrows. The second picture shows my natural eyebrows.”

“I just can’t with the foundation in the hairline.”

“My sad wedding makeup that I paid $50 for”

“I tried to do an ’ombré’ Deadpool look. It was terrible. I blame their shadows, 90%. The other 10% was me.”

“I never wore makeup in high school, so I decided to get my prom makeup done at a popular cosmetic store 4 years ago. I felt like I should share this.”

“The makeup artist told me that a warm color on my face would exaggerate the warmth and make my face look very red. Now I look like a ’90s Barbie doll.”

“Asked for a peachy, subtle look for my wedding...”

“The unblended contour, blush, and highlight are giving me ice cream vibes.”

Have you ever gone to a makeup artist and instead of having a glamorous transformation, you suffered an emotional breakdown?

Preview photo credit TheLumpyPumpkin97 / reddit


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