10 Kids Spilled Hilarious Family Secrets Right at a Daycare

3 weeks ago

Children often speak their minds without filters, saying whatever comes to their thoughts. Sometimes, what they say may not be suitable for the situation or the people around them. Daycare workers, in particular, often hear family secrets because kids share everything they know.


  • My kindergarten class had parent volunteers come in sometimes to help with projects. My mom signed up and came one day, but the other mother who was supposed to also come in called out sick. At recess my mom saw the mother’s son and said something like “Hi [kid name] I heard your mommy was sick and I hope she feels better. Is she okay?” The boy said “Yeah, she’s okay but the balloon in her booby popped and she had to go to the doctor to get it fixed.” Basically, she called out because her breast implant leaked or had some issue. © Unknown author / Reddit


  • I work with young children. One day, a little 6YO girl turned to another girl who was being disruptive and calmly said, “Go and see a therapist darling, you sound like you need one.” It was hilarious at the time, but also kind of sad that the girl had heard that phrase often enough to be able to parrot it during an argument. © rocketscientology / Reddit


  • My son’s preschool teacher has told me this one. One day, it was story time, and all the kids were sitting in a circle on the reading rug. She was reading them a book about animals, and the sounds each one makes. An owl comes up, and none of them know it, so she says, “It’s an owl, and it makes the sound ’Whooo! Whoooo.’”
    This is when one of the kids decided to share, “Oh! My mom makes that noise when Mom and Dad are having private time in their room!” © SheWhoComesFirst / Reddit


  • The daycare people knew that my husband and I are trying for baby number two, because an ovulation test sticker got stuck on (soon-to-be) older brother’s shoe. © DONT_PM_ME_B*** / Reddit


  • At a class party with other parents present, my son told his class “All my mom does is lay in bed and sleep all day.” Of course he never mentioned that I work overnights. © Laurifish / Reddit


  • I worked as a martial arts instructor for years, and one of our programs was for young kids, like 3-5 years old. Those little fellows lived to narc on their parents to us. “My mommy threw trash out of the car window on the way here!” It was awesome. © mdjnsn / Reddit


  • I was about to read a book about a mouse looking for his bed. Before reading, I always ask a few warm-up questions. So I asked, “When you go to sleep at night, what do you sleep on?” Most kids replied a bed or something similar, but then the little girl next to me says, “My daddy sleeps on the couch.” © SS_from_1990s / Reddit


  • I teach two-year-olds, and was asking the kids what their parents’ names were, just to see if they knew. I ask a little boy, “What’s Mommy’s name?” He says, “Mila.” Then I ask, “What’s Daddy’s name?” He looks confused, as if he’s trying to figure out the answer, but can’t. So I ask, “What does Mommy call Daddy?” Assuming he would say ’John,’ instead he looks up at me and says, “Big Papa.” I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. © obsolete16 / Reddit


  • A 7YO once told me that he was afraid to go to his parents’ room, because “Foxy lives there.” Since he’s past the ’fear of monsters’ phase, I figured it was just his imagination going wild. But I still wanted to talk to his mom about it. Turns out the kid’s dad is a furry, and has a fox suit in the closet, and the kid had found it one day, when he went into the closet looking for a place to hide during hide and seek. © partofbreakfast / Reddit


  • My son stood up in front of his preschool class and said “My momma’s nipples are bigger than mine.” It was embarrassing, but of course true, so we had to have a talk about appropriate school conversations and I stopped changing in front of him. That was during a phase when he thought nipples were the funniest things ever, so he probably thought he was sharing something super funny with his classmates. © Laurifish / Reddit

Kids are known for their candidness, freely expressing their thoughts without holding back. This openness can sometimes lead them to say things that may make their parent blush or laugh loud on the awkward situation.


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