My MIL Kept Blaming Me for Cheating on Her Son, So We Did Two Paternity Tests — No One Expected What It Revealed

2 months ago

Family relationships can be complicated. Sometimes, people argue, and accusations of cheating can come up. Sadly, this happened to a woman after she had her baby. Her mother-in-law accused her of cheating on her husband. It appeared to become a difficult situation for everyone involved.

They discovered a family secret that had been buried in the past.

«I 25(f) gave birth to my daughter two months ago and despite my husband (28) telling me he knows I’d never cheat on him, I wanted to give our daughter a paternity test».

A woman, who recently became a mother to a baby girl, noticed a curious detail about her daughter’s appearance. «Our daughter has green eyes, unlike everyone else in our families. My MIL thinks I cheated,» she reflected. However, her mother-in-law harbored suspicions, suggesting infidelity. Thankfully, her husband provided comfort, attributing the unique trait to the natural randomness of genetic inheritance.

«He kept refusing because he trusts me, but his mother keeps commenting on her eyes, as do the rest of his family who keep making comments about me possibly cheating, even my family finds it odd our daughter has green eyes. My husband says to ignore them because he knows I’d never cheat, but I finally had enough of his families comments and told him I wanted the test.»

They decided to do two tests: one to check paternity and another to explore their daughter’s ancestry. The mom was curious to see if there might be a distant relative they didn’t know about who could explain their daughter’s unusual eye color.

After much insistence, the husband finally agreed to the tests, and it turns out the little one is indeed his daughter. But here’s the twist — his dad isn’t really his biological father! Now, they’re both thinking about confronting the mom about it, but the wife’s urging caution. She thinks they should take some time to process this bombshell before they make any moves.

They know they should tell the husband’s dad about the DNA test results, but they’re worried about the consequences. They’re exhausted from looking after their newborn, and this news has hit them hard. They’re scared that revealing the truth might cause a huge family drama and even lead to his parents splitting up. It’s a tough situation, and they’re both feeling guilty about how things turned out.

People online were equally shocked by what happened.

  • What gets me is the fact that she PUSHED for OP and husband to do the ONE thing that would expose her secret. All she had to do was keep quiet and no one would’ve been the wiser. © Heavy_Sand5228 / Reddit
  • I bet she didn’t even want that much; probably expected to see enough distrust and suspicion to cause relationship ending fights/drama. © marauding-bagel / Reddit
  • But 23&ME for all the family this Christmas! © Competitive_Tree_113 / Reddit
  • «I don’t understand why you all are so worked up about the eye color in a 2-month-old. My son had green to hazel eyes until he was almost 2. They finished at about a hazel-leaning brown. Both my husband and I have brown eyes. We never thought anything of it.
    Like, if you wanted to do a test just to find your genetic lines or whatever, that might be interesting. But focusing on your husband, cheating and this eye color is just beyond bizarre to me. Anyone who insinuated I might have cheated would get shut down immediately. Maybe your focus should be on laying down clear boundaries with both your families, instead of worrying about jumping through ridiculous hoops to appease them.» © KickIt77 / Reddit
  • «Green eyes are a genetic mutation, they can occur randomly in any family even those without a history of green eyes. In any race. It is just a lucky happenstance that your child got an eye color gene mutation which led to you wanting the test.» © Childhood-trauma-87 / Reddit

Family relationships can be complicated. Sometimes, arguments happen, and accusations of cheating can come up. And it is one of the reasons to end the marriage, but there are also unexpected moments that can strain relationships between husband and wife.

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