10 People Shared Stories About Their Bosses That Will Leave You Astounded

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Lucky are those who have bosses with a good sense of humor. It makes the working process nice, plus, such employees have many curious stories to share with their friends. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have cool bosses. The characters of today’s compilation gossiped a bit about their supervisors on the Internet, and we decided that these stories just couldn’t go unnoticed.

  • I worked at a research institute. Our boss would always go around the office at 9:02 AM and check who was late. The city we live in is big, there are a lot of traffic jams and no subway near the office. Normally, all employees will show up between 9 AM and 9:15 AM. But the boss thought it was a violation of the rules and always demanded explanations. The most interesting thing is that after that, everyone was drinking tea and coffee for 40 minutes and only then started to work.
  • My colleague took a pillow and a blanket and fell asleep in an armchair. Suddenly, our boss shows up and asks, ’What the hell?’ But she was not worried, and answered, “Don’t be jealous.” I thought she would get fired, but today, I saw the following text on our boss’s door: “Don’t disturb me from 1 PM to 2 PM — I am sleeping.” © Chamber № 6 / VK

“Had to work on Christmas Eve, but these adorable cookies made by my old boss made it worth it.”

  • I am going to leave my job. It’s impossible to work with our line manager — he always puts blame on others. He just comes to my office and starts demanding that I do some nonsense, like paying phone bills, doing accounting, accepting orders, and, in general, working till late every day and on weekends. I am a junior mechanic engineer. All this I am supposed to do for a small salary of the engineer and the reason is, “We are a startup.” We have 18 engineers and techs and no administrators. © LigitBoy / Reddit
  • Our boss said that next month, we all will get a good bonus, which made us all very happy. Everyone was thinking about additional payment to the salary but, as it turned out, our boss is not that simple. He said that from now on, every Thursday, we all will have free fajitas from the cantina next to us. It might sound strange but we did really look really happy. This cantina sells legendary fajitas and many of us leave a big part of our salaries there, that’s why free fajitas Thursday is a cool thing! This is what good communication between supervisors and employees is! © Chamber № 6 / VK

“My boss, who works at a large company, has this little thing in his car.”

  • I was appointed for an interview at 3 PM. But that day I did so much work around the house that I forgot about it. When I realized I was supposed to be there, I pulled on a jacket and boots and rushed to the office. Being in the office, I realized that I was wearing a white T-shirt at home, without a bra and I came to the office looking the same way. I was trying to quickly find a solution and saw the secretary’s blazer. I overcame my shyness and embarrassment and asked the girl to lend me the blazer. She agreed and I went to the boss wearing the blazer. After a couple of questions, he tells me, “You are accepted. I can see that you are already a part of our team.” He looked at the blazer and giggled. When I was leaving, he said, “Forgot to warn you — we don’t provide uniforms to the employees that’s why you should make sure to arrive in your clothes.” I have been working at this company for 6 months already. © Chamber № 6 / VK
  • I adore my boss! He came up with a “tomato method” and makes me work according to it. For example, if it’s lunchtime, he does everything to make me stop work and have a good rest. The other day, he saw that I was sitting at the laptop and working. He came up to me and said, "Jane, I’ll fire you right away if you don’t go for lunch now. I rushed for lunch. It’s the very feeling when you love your work thanks to such people. © Chamber № 6 / VK

“My new boss loves my digital art so much that she wants me to decorate the office with it.”

  • It happened 2 years ago. I just rented a room in a dorm and went to the store to buy some stuff. I took a couple of instant noodles, crackers, bread and frankfurters. I came up to the checkout zone and saw my boss paying for his purchases. When we left the store, he asked me:
    — “Why do you eat instant noodles? Why didn’t you buy potatoes and eggs?”
    — “Well... I’ve just moved to a room and haven’t really bought anything yet. I have only a kettle and a plate with a cup.”
    — “I see, but you should eat healthy food.”
    He left. The next day when I came to work, I saw a new microwave, a frying pan, and a blanket with a pillow in my storage room. I called him and he said, “It’s a gift, take it, and don’t ask any questions.” © AlexRomanovvvvv / Pikabu

“Today, my boss brought Muffin to work. I think we all should have our workplaces be more pet-friendly.”

  • I still hear those words in my head, “We picked you up, gave you a good job and you are such an ungrateful person to dare to ask for a 2-week vacation.” One might think I was miserable and didn’t have 13 years of experience with good references when I came to this company. Moreover, a 2-week vacation is my right, according to the labor contract. I left the company and now have the best boss I could ever dream of. © Elena Kachan
  • I came late for work. I took off my jacket and see my furious boss approaching me. I made a slow inhale, close my eyes, and got ready to hear his reprimands. But he hugged me and said happily, “Thank god, you are late! The ceiling fell off right above your workspace 15 min. ago.” © Chamber № 6 / VK
  • I was late for work and I had a report to submit to the boss that day. Feeling desperate, I was trying to catch a taxi on the curb. One car stopped and I saw my boss in it. I thought that was my end. He invited me to get into the car and says, laughing, that he overslept. Eventually, he offered to go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee to wake up completely and discuss the nuances of my report. We spent a nice time chatting and then he allowed me not to go to work that day and gave me a lift home. © Chamber № 6 / VK


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