Bella Hadid Is No Longer the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, According to Science. In 2023, She Was Surpassed by Other Beauties

11 months ago

In 2022, a plastic surgeon conducted a special study and analyzed the faces of celebrities. He came to the conclusion that Bella Hadid had the most proportionate face and declared her the most beautiful woman in the world. However, in 2023, two more beauties emerged, pushing Bella to the third place.

The study was based on “divine proportions.”

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The Greeks devised a ratio in an attempt to measure physical beauty, called the Golden Ratio. While it was used by artists and architects in the past, in the modern era, scientists sometimes use it to explain why a person is considered more beautiful than others.

How “beauty” was measured

In his study, De Silva applied the Golden Ratio to various famous female celebrities’ lips, noses, eye size and position, jaws, and symmetry. The length and width of faces were measured and then divided. The ideal result is roughly 1.6.

In 2022, Bella Hadid’s face was found to be closest to perfection.

Coming the closest to the Greek’s idea of a perfect face was supermodel Bella Hadid. She got a rating of 94.35% as per the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi with a chin that was found to be 99.7% perfect.

The winners in 2023.

In this year, the faces of other famous women were analyzed following the same principle, and it turned out that Bella Hadid only secured the third position. With a slight margin, Zendaya claimed the second place, as her face was deemed 94.37% perfect.

The winner became the British actress Jodie Comer, with her facial proportions being the closest to perfection, with a correspondence coefficient of 94.52%.

Beauty is a subjective concept, and we believe that every person is beautiful in their own way, even if their facial features are not symmetrical. However, if you are interested in how AI evaluates beauty, take a look here.

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