10+ People Whose Day Was Lucky Enough to Spot The Most Surprising Things

year ago

As humans, the most commonplace things inherently fascinated us, but every now and again, we are so skilled that we notice things we would never have thought to look for. Even if our memories may be quite photographic in recalling a former scenario in detail, we are sometimes blessed enough to capture a real photo of the unexpected things we have just spotted so we can recollect it whenever we want.

1. “Store in LA has a lifelike wax statue to deter break-ins.”

2. “They make wheelchairs for chickens.”

3. “My daughter was born with hobbit feet.”

4. “Duck diapers for pet ducks.”

5. “My brother has a condition where his iris leaks into his pupil (doesn’t affect his vision).”

6. “My baby’s hairy ears”

7. “Look what my mom spotted. Who knew this is how possums transport their babies?”

8. “Here’s the McRib patty before being cooked.”

9. “This ’red only’ rainbow I saw at midnight in Finland.”

10. “Picture? What picture?”

11. “There’s a man trying to escape from my pancake.”

12. “My ham has a face.”

13. “Hard times with my doggo in the woods.”

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve spotted using your camera?


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