17 Eye Candy Pics That Could Make Any Perfectionist Happy

2 years ago

Life is full of imperfections. Maybe that’s why when we see perfectly aligned things, like bottles on a supermarket shelf or well-organized wires that used to be a mess, we feel very satisfied.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to compile these 17 pictures that will make any perfectionist happy.

“My boyfriend’s new shirt matches his tattoo perfectly.”

“So, I was given a job to do. Here is my progress.”

“Gibson and Schecter guitar headstocks fit like a glove.”

“Dragon scale alocasia’s leaves look and feel just like leather.”

“The process of a penny floor”

“Replacing my (nearly) daily-used Reeboks with the same type after a year.”

“Saw this while shopping tonight. Someone had a lot of time!”

“Perfect removal of Reese’s cup from the wrapper”

“My omelette au fromage accidentally fits my plate.”

“The way my pancake fits the plate”

“Nice Italian restaurant’s takeout containers fit perfectly inside the bag.”

“The satisfying colors of these chocolates”

“Someone at my local grocery store has skills.”

“A comfortable spot to take a nap”

“This cabbage I sliced at work”

“The way these wires flow”

“The way the lines match up”

Do you enjoy perfectly organized things? Have you seen something oddly satisfying recently?


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