11 Things That Tend to Clutter Our Homes and Are Worth Getting Rid of Immediately

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All of us can probably relate to something like this — you’ve just cleaned your house, organized all your clothes on the shelves, and dusted all surfaces, but just a couple of days pass, and it seems that your house has returned to the state of chaos again with various useless stuff littering your perfectly clean shelves and tabletops. So where is this mess coming from, and how can you combat it? Let’s find out together.

1. Cables and cords

When purchasing a new gadget, we get a new charger and a set of various cables with it. But we tend to keep the old cables too because we think they can come in handy one day. As a result, dozens of feet of old cords, wires, and cables accumulate in our drawers or shelves, and you just need to throw them away.

2. The same-looking clothes

Sometimes we forget that we already have a polka-dot dress or a red shirt, for example, and buy something very similar. But these items aren’t considered basic pieces, like a black tank or jeans that you wear most often. That being said, these more casual garments are more likely to collect dust on your wardrobe shelves.

3. Embellished headbands

Sometimes we continue to keep things that we don’t even use. Headbands embellished with pompoms or artificial flowers are among them. You may have come into possession of this item because your child was supposed to visit a birthday party wearing a headband. But even though these headbands look pretty, you or your children are unlikely to wear them in the future, as they are not quite comfortable for everyday wear. That being said, it’s always a good idea to check your drawers at least once a year to get rid of such things, especially if there are many of them.

4. Postcards

Some postcards have strong sentimental value because they contain wishes from our family and friends written by hand. However, most postcards are only captioned with something like “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas.” In this case, it’s best just to recycle them.

5. House slippers

House slippers tend to be one of the most common Christmas gifts, and we may bring complimentary slippers from hotels and spas sometimes. As a result, our shoe rack can be full of different pairs, consisting of the ones that we wear most often and those that we’ve actually never worn. That’s why it’s best to get rid of pairs that you definitely won’t wear.

6. Sportswear

Sportswear wears out much faster than our everyday clothes. This is especially true for sports bras. However, we don’t tend to replace them as often as leggings or T-shirts. But we should keep in mind that it’s a bra that provides a woman’s body with the necessary support and comfort during physical activity. This is why a sports bra should be replaced about every 6 months, depending on how much you use and wash it.

7. Plastic utensils

Many people don’t throw away plastic utensils that come with food delivery but keep them for certain occasions, like a picnic, which may never even take place. This plastic cutlery takes up space in our drawers while we continue to use regular metal forks and spoons. There are a few ways to get rid of unnecessary plastic utensils — you can either throw them away or take them to work and put them inside your desk so that you can use them at lunch if needed.

8. Old DIY supplies

If you love crafts and different DIY projects, then you probably have a lot of bottles of glue that have long dried out, different bands, ribbons, and many other items that have become useless. If this is the case, it’s best to just get rid of them.

9. Board games with missing pieces

It’s not fun to play a board game with pieces or cards that have gotten lost. These boxes of games just take up space on your shelves, and you never even intend on playing them.

10. Glass jars

We tend to get a couple of new glass jars or bottles from coffee, pickles, juice, or sauce every week. So we wash them and put them on the shelf, hoping that we’ll be able to use them sometime later. But chances are that they will never be used again. So, if you are not a person who makes pickles and jams at home, then it’s best to send these jars to recycling or give them to someone who really needs them.

11. Old underwear

Some women don’t always get rid of old underwear in a timely manner, thinking that no one can see them under their clothes. However, gynecologists recommend replacing panties every 6 to 9 months for health reasons, and according to psychologists, the underwear that we choose to wear affects our mood and self-esteem.

Do you have any of these things at home? Do you tend to clear your wardrobe and kitchen cabinets regularly, or do you prefer to keep this unnecessary stuff, hoping that you’ll need it one day?


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