15 Clever Designs That Made Us Wonder How We Didn’t Think of Them Earlier

2 years ago

In order to be a good designer, a person has to be able to think outside the box. Such people see a problem we’re all facing and come up with a solution so brilliant we can only admire their ingenuity. Today’s heroes can show us how to economize space in a room by combining a bed with a bookshelf or see what time it is without rolling up our sleeve.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected some wonders of efficiency right here.

“This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through.”

“This water bottle has a small Matterhorn in it.”

“This holder for my Oreos”

“This park made a swing set for parents to swing with their babies.”

“The elevator at my work has buttons you can press with your feet if you have something in your hands.”

“My new shoes have a map to Saville Row on the sole.”

“Ever been snitched on by a cardboard box?”

“A solar park bench with USB charging ports”

“This soap pump I got at Disney World dispenses Mickey-shaped soap.”

“Found this gem on the packaging for Kinjabang spicy noodles.”

“Bookshelf and bed nook”

“In Italy, they get free water in little towns. You can choose between water with gas, cooled, or regular.”

“Nora the salmon made from garbage on beaches”

“How the chiropractor I went to today is effectively using their damaged sign”

“An IV bag plant watering thing I saw at my doctor’s office”

Which of these designs seems the most useful to you? Maybe you’d like to see some of these implemented more? Share your opinion in the comments!

Preview photo credit izokh / Reddit


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