10 Rules Royals Have to Follow But Sometimes Decide to Break

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Being a member of a royal family isn’t all glitter and gold, since they also have to follow many rules according to their protocol. From the way they eat to the way they greet people, they have to be aware of the rules and stick by them. Sometimes, though, there are members that decide to steer the wheel a bit differently and do things their own way.

1. Royal women never wear bright lipsticks.


You will never see a woman from the royal family rocking brightly colored lipstick. It is simply forbidden to wear red or bold berry shades. Using any other color than pink and nude is considered to be inappropriate. One of the benefits of this rule is that these royal women will never be caught with lipstick on their teeth.

2. Children are not allowed to eat processed food.

Establishing healthy eating habits from early on is crucially important, and little royals seem to follow this rule to a T. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, some of Prince William and Prince Harry’s first meals consisted of pureed apples and pears since packaged food was off-limits. This rule is easier for them to follow considering the amount of fine-quality produce on their estates and the best chefs at their disposal.

3. When the Queen or King are finished eating, everyone else is too.


It is common etiquette at royal dinners to only leave your seat once the Queen was finished, never before. Moreover, when she was done, you were to stop eating and bring the dinner to an end. Despite these rules, the Queen has been known to keep a bit of food on her plate in order to give everyone else a chance to finish their meals.

4. Children aren’t allowed to say certain common words.

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The royal rules don’t just apply to what goes into the mouth, but also to what comes out of it. According to social anthropologist Kate Fox, some of our most frequently used words such as “tea,” “dad,” and “perfume” are a big no-no when it comes to any royal family member saying them. Next time you want directions to the ’’toilet’’ ask for the ’’lavatory’’ instead — if you wish to sound like a royal.

5. Women should stay away from bright nail polish colors.

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Royal ladies prefer to keep their nails short and cover them with semi-sheer nude nail polish. Queen Elizabeth herself loves the shade, “Ballet Slippers” from Essie. The number one rule is to keep their manicures simple and tidy.

6. Young boys must wear shorts.

Every little detail of a royal’s appearance is meticulously planned and thought-through, and kids are no exception to this rule. You may have noticed that Prince George almost exclusively wears shorts and this is certainly not by coincidence or predilection. Based on a dress code that goes back centuries, little boys from English royalty and aristocracy need to stay away from trousers and pants until approximately the age of 8.

7. There are no bathroom breaks during dinners.

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Taking bathroom breaks during royal dinners isn’t necessarily prohibited, but it is frowned upon. There are special cases for guests that are pregnant and might need to use the bathroom, but other than that, it’s best to stay put.

8. Girls must wear dresses.

Just like her brothers, princess Charlotte’s wardrobe is carefully calculated and nothing is left to chance or to the child’s whim. Whenever seen in public, this little royal is dressed in girly and floral dresses in keeping with a long tradition of little princesses avoiding pants.

9. They never have pasta for dinner.

Pasta would never be on the Queen’s menu, as she liked to keep things quite soft and easy to digest, instead of a heavy dinner to end the day. The chefs at Buckingham Palace were well-informed about this preference and would never serve this dish.

10. Children must also curtsy to the Queen.

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It’s obligatory to bend the knee and show respect to the Queen, and her grandchildren are no exception to this rule. This historian revealed that royal offspring are expected to bow to their great-grandma by the age of 5. The curtsy must be done twice, first when they see the sovereign and also before leaving.

Bonus: Times when Lady Diana broke the rules.

1. She sent her kids to a public school.


Usually, children in royal families are taught by tutors, but Lady Di broke this rule by sending William to a nursery and then to a boarding school. The older son of the Princess of Wales became the first future monarch to be entirely educated in the public school system. This way, Diana wanted to give her sons Prince William and Prince Harry an ordinary upbringing.

2. She didn’t enforce a strict upbringing for her children.

Princess Diana once said, “I live for my sons. I would be lost without them.” Therefore, she worked hard to give her children an unforgettable childhood. Diana didn’t hesitate to show her feelings toward her sons in the presence of the paparazzi, she allowed them to be mischievous, and she even took part in their mischief, with pleasure.

3. She spoke to children at eye-level.

With her immense love for children, Princess Diana not only showed it, but she made them feel it. One of her common practices was to crouch down to be at eye-level with the children she spoke to, not just her own kids but to others whom she visited as well. This was a first that was seen among royals, and now her children pay it forward with the same practice.

4. She brought the boys along on official trips.

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Princess Diana set the trend when she took 9-month-old Prince William along for a tour in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to this event, it was common for royal children to be left at home while their parents traveled for official business. To this day, her children Prince William and Prince Harry, also take their children along on official tours and trips.

Do you think you would be able to abide by so many rules if you were a royal? Which rule seems the hardest for you?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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