Why Kylie Jenner’s Face Has Suddenly Started Looking Different Recently

3 weeks ago

Kylie Jenner made appearances at several events, but her fans were taken aback by her changed facial appearance. Many online users remarked on the noticeable difference in the 26-year-old reality TV star’s looks as seen in widely circulated photos and videos from the fashion event. Experts stepped in to clarify the changes to her face in an attempt to discourage negative comments from spreading.

Experts suggest the changes in her appearance may be due to cosmetic procedure side effects.

Celebrities face constant scrutiny for their looks and are held to unrealistic standards, which can cause considerable stress and affect their mental well-being. It’s vital to avoid making negative comments about their appearance. Experts highlight Kylie Jenner as a case in point, demonstrating how cosmetic procedures can dramatically change one’s look and trigger public scrutiny and debate.

As discussions about Kylie Jenner’s appearance continued, cosmetic injections expert Molly Bailey provided a detailed explanation of the side effects caused by improper facial procedures. Molly shared a video on her Instagram where she discussed how the owner of Kylie Cosmetics developed a particular look after undergoing various cosmetic treatments. She explained that this look, medically termed alar rim retraction, affects the nostril area. It can result from Botox, gummy smile tox, nasal tox, and rhinoplasty.

Molly noted that while these treatments are intended to enhance facial aesthetics, they can sometimes lead to unintended consequences if not performed correctly.

Fans misinterpreted her malar mound as signs of ageing.

Laurent VU/SIPA/East News

Molly pointed out the puffiness in Kylie’s cheeks, identifying the small bulge at the top as a malar mound composed of a fat pad and lymphatic tissue.

Injecting fillers under the eyes and into the tear troughs may obstruct the natural drainage of lymphatic tissue in that area. This blockage can cause swelling of the malar mound, leading to a puffy appearance and accentuating the zygomatic cutaneous ligament. As a result, the face may appear fuller and occasionally swollen, which some fans mistakenly interpret as signs of aging or excessive use of cosmetic procedures.

The expert urges against sending hateful comments toward Kylie regarding her experiments with cosmetic procedures.

Molly further explained that these cosmetic procedures, while generally safe, require a high level of expertise and precision. Any miscalculations in the amount or placement of injectables can lead to noticeable and often undesired changes in appearance. She stressed the importance of seeking treatment from qualified professionals who understand the complexities of facial anatomy and the potential repercussions of each procedure.

Molly made a sincere appeal to viewers, asking them to refrain from sending hateful comments to Kylie. She clarified that her aim was to educate the public about the potential impacts of injectable cosmetic treatments, not to criticize Jenner.

There’s another factor contributing to Kylie’s puffiness under her eyes.

Another expert noted that the stark contrast between celebrities’ typical appearance, often enhanced by ideal lighting and filters, and their everyday look can be striking. Harsh overhead lighting, in particular, can be unflattering, casting shadows that accentuate imperfections. This phenomenon is common and affects everyone.

In Kylie’s situation, this lighting accentuated her nasolabial folds and mid-cheek lines. The aesthetics practitioner suggested that these features could be exacerbated by factors like dehydration or lack of sleep, which can lead to puffiness under the eyes.

Celebrities frequently experience intense pressure to uphold a flawless appearance under constant public scrutiny and high beauty standards. This pressure can become overwhelming, prompting them to undergo numerous cosmetic procedures in order to conform to societal expectations.

Preview photo credit Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com, Evan Agostini / Invision / East News, Laurent VU/SIPA/East News


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