10+ Unforgettable Stories From the Operating Room that Caught Doctors and Patients By Surprise

10 months ago

The next time you find yourself preparing for a surgical procedure, rest assured that while the doctors will be focused on your health, there may be a lighthearted and comical moment or two that will leave you and the medical team with a shared laughter-filled memory to cherish.

Because when the effects of anesthesia kick in, they can temporarily alter a person’s awareness, behavior, and inhibitions. As a result, amusing and lighthearted moments may unfold in the operating room.

  • A patient started counting backward from 100 when he received anesthesia. He got to 97 and started slurring his words and closed his eyes. A few seconds later, he abruptly opened his eyes and yelled “JUST KIDDING!” Scared the entire operating room. Then his eyes rolled back and he was out. Favorite anesthesia induction ever. @ Famous_Board_8204 / Reddit
  • The first time I had surgery the surgeon said, “First time? Don’t worry, me too.” Right before they pushed the anesthetic. @ Absoli / Reddit
  • My wife was given anesthesia in preparation for a c-section. They let me in the room right before they started surgery. When I got there the first thing I said was: “It’s ok, honey, I’m here now”. The response I got: “That’s nice. But do you know when my husband will be here?”. @ yellowjacketcoder / Reddit

“My best friend sent me flowers after surgery and this was the note she included”.

  • I told my last anesthesiologist that I was going to fight the drugs and stay awake, he told me, “I love a challenge, know what the best part is?” I looked at him, and he finished saying “I always win,” and then I woke up in post-op. @ NorthIslandAdventure / Reddit
  • When I was a toddler, my mom fell off our roof and broke her back. Apparently she was terrified she was going to become a vegetable, because after her back surgery she asked the nurse, “Am I a broccoli, or a cauliflower?”. @ tananda7 / Reddit

“My dad’s ‘homemade iPad holder’ for after his eye surgery”.

  • When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I saw an air bubble going down the IV tube. I remembered something about how injecting air into your veins can cause an aneurysm and you’ll pass away. Not knowing that 1) a small amount of air is okay (it was only about a half-inch air bubble in the tube), and 2) that the IVs have a vent to let out air, I said, “Brain aneurysm!”
    And then promptly was knocked out. The oral surgeon told me about it afterward. Said it was the funniest thing someone has said before going under. Later I found out I meant to say an embolism, not an aneurysm, but I did not know that at the time. @ C0ldBl00dedDickens / Reddit
  • I actually argued with my anesthesiologist. I told her I wasn’t going to count, and I refused to go under. She laughed as I drifted off. @ ElJefePinche / Reddit
  • My mom was coming out from under anesthesia after a procedure a few years ago, and I was trying to help her. She puckered her lips, so I picked up her water cup and asked if she wanted some. She turned her face toward me and said, “Do I LOOK like an AIRPLANE?!” The nurses and I completely lost it. I still tease her about it sometimes. @ Audginator / Reddit
  • I was the patient, but right before Christmas a couple of years ago, I had my gallbladder removed. In the recovery room, as I was waking up, I became obsessed with singing the 12 Days of Christmas song. I kept asking the nurses what order the verses were in. As they were wheeling me out of the room, I heard a nurse belt out “Five golden rings!” Which was followed by everyone’s laughter. @ Songspiritutah / Reddit
  • Woman woke up from surgery and said to her husband, “David! That alarm clock has a nose and it’s running! Wipe it!”. @ FunnyQ*** / Reddit

“The cake I got for my wife after her surgery today”.

  • An 18-year-old girl “recognized” the (male) anesthesiologist from tinder last week and accused him multiple times of not showing up to their agreed date — while randomly falling half-asleep in between. As we put her back in bed she mumbled that she is not even mad, just generally disappointed in men and that she still thinks he’s pretty. @ SpectacularSociety / Reddit
  • I’m a nurse and a man asked me if his body parts still belong to him and I still think about it. @ serenasaystoday / Reddit
  • A female patient after a C-section asked me how many chickens she had because she had beef with the pig. I was absolutely confused. Her husband translated later: “How much did the baby weigh because she had a bet with hubby.” @ alxwak / Reddit
  • If they put you under general anesthesia, they will tell you it’s oxygen and ask you to take a deep breath. My friend who had a different surgery told me about this, so during my knee surgery I took one hit of the gas, turned to my doctor, and said: “You’re lying, that’s not oxygen” and promptly passed out. @ Jjzeng / Reddit
  • As the anesthesiologist was putting me under, he just said I’d start to feel sleepy soon. I asked him “Aren’t I supposed to be counting back from 100 or something?” He replied, “I don’t know, I must’ve skipped that class.” Being an anesthesiologist must be awesome as you can always get the last word in. @ malica77 / Reddit

Of course, these fun situations were handled with care, ensuring the patient’s safety and well-being remain the top priority. If you want to enjoy some more funny situations, here are some for you to look at:


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