15 Kids Who Got Really Creative and Funny With Their Homework

year ago

The purpose of homework is to teach students about responsibility, and to help them practice their skills. But sometimes, the child’s innocence or their lack of filter reflects in their answers — and as a result, we get responses that are hilarious, brilliant, or maybe even both.

1. “My nephew’s homework when he was 8 years old.”

2. Mr. Lonely

3. Kids are listening to lot of music these days.

4. Slow clap for his thought process

5. “Honesty in my son’s homework.”

6. That’s one smart kid.

The note says, “Ms. I can’t read the question, there’s a bear in the way.”

7. This is the teacher’s fault for asking such an obvious question.

8. Never thought it could be that simple.

9. Rude!

10. “One of my friends just sent me her kid’s homework. After the answer at the bottom, I realized this kid is going places.”

11. That’s innocence.

12. We bet you’re singing along.

13. At least he knows about global warming.

The handwritten part reads “The walrus has lost its home due to Global Warming, and has chosen to reside in my math book. I apologize for any inconvenience caused on his behalf.”

14. “Our future is in safe hands.”

15. “My 8-year-old son takes his homework directions literally.”

These were just some of the snippets that we found. Let us know in the comments below if you would like us to share more.

Preview photo credit vadge / Imgur, EddieLomax / Reddit


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