11 Celebrities Whose On-Set Requests Will Leave You Speechless

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When a movie is cast and is ready to move to the production stage, actors send their list of requests to the production company. Most of the times it’s a list of food and drinks and other things they want to have in their dressing rooms. Some other times, it’s way more extravagant things that are way too expensive or difficult to have. On some occasions, though, it’s not about material things, but actions that they demand or refuse to do.

1. Shia LaBeouf wanted to have real wounds.

The actor is known for his very dedicated method approach to his craft and that was very evident during the filming of Fury. His character needed to have a large wound on his face and the actor refused to let the makeup artists prepare it for him. Instead, he cut his face with a knife and kept the wound open during shootings to help it look fresh.

2. Tom Cruise needs stretchy G-string underwear.

The Hollywood action hero is famous for his jaw-dropping stunts. But it seems that in order to be comfortable enough to film the perfect scene, Tom demands custom-made G-strings. The underwear need to be made from soft, stretchy material so that he feels unrestricted when performing those action sequences. It is said that the actor, “was ­embarrassed at first, but he sees it as a way of ­improving his flexibility as he gets older.”

3. Jennifer Lawrence requests a Kardashian tent.

Luiz Martinez/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

The actress revealed that it wasn’t easy for her to film the 2017 thriller Mother!. In order to cope with the dark nature of the film, she needed a Kardashian tent. She explained that, “It was a tent that had pictures of the Kardashians and Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing on a loop—and gumballs. My happy place.”

4. Lindsay Lohan once demanded everyone to get naked.

Zabulon Laurent / Abaca / East News

During the filming of The Canyons, the star had to shoot this one one scene where her character had to be naked. Lohan said that she would do it only if everyone from the staff and crew would get naked as well. Of course, they refused but the director decided to strip down in order to shoot the scene with Lohan.

5. Nicolas Cage demanded a real bat.

Invision/Invision/East News

In his 1989 comedy horror film Vampire’s Kiss. Nicholas Cage had a scene where he gets bitten by a bat. The actor insisted on having a real, actual bat on set. However, the director of the movie refused his request and instead brought in an animatronic bat.

6. Uma Thurman once demanded to have 3 cell phones.

East News

While filming Eloise, the actress added into her contract that she had to have 3 cell phones. She also added that she had the ability to purchased any costume or wig from the movie at a greatly reduced price. Lastly, she wanted to make sure that her dressing room would be the best from every other cast member.

7. Lea Michele refused to scream.

Invision/Invision/East News

For the series Scream Queens, the actress didn’t want to scream for fear of hurting her voice. She had admitted to telling the director, “I am screaming twice, and you’re going to have to use it the entire season. I’m a singer!”

8. Paris Hilton once requested live lobster.

Xavier Collin / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

Even though she wasn’t an actress, Hilton was offered a small role in the 2009 film The Other Guys. When she arrived on set, she gave the producers a 3-page list of her requests, including live lobsters on set. Eventually, her role was cut and Paris didn’t get to play in the film due to her demanding behavior.

9. Will Ferrell requested a mobility scooter.

Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection/East News

For the sports comedy film Semi-Pro, the actor made a list of peculiar requests, like an electric 3-wheel mobility scooter, a fake tree, and a rainbow on wheels. Given that these items had nothing to do with the movie, the reason he asked for them remained a mystery.

10. Daniel Day-Lewis demanded to be treated as a disabled person.


The 3-time Oscar-winning actor is known for taking his roles very seriously and excelling at portraying each character. And so, when he accepted the role of a man with cerebral palsy in the 1989 movie My Left Foot, Daniel ’’asked to be wheeled around the set in his wheelchair, and crew members were required to spoon-feed him and lift him around.’’ He did this in order to stay in character the whole duration of the shoot.

11. Orson Welles once requested a fur-lined coat.

While filming the movie The Black Rose, the eccentric actor demanded that the producers bought a coat with fur lining for his character to wear. That was unusual because the fur lining would never be on screen. Shortly after production ended, the coat disappeared only appear in Welles’ next film, where he made sure the fur lining was shown on screen.

Which request seemed the most outrageous to you? Would you make sure to keep your movie’s stars happy no matter what they asked for?

Preview photo credit Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, Zabulon Laurent / Abaca / East News


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