15 Images That Show Celebrities Are Not Immune to Awkward Situations

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Celebrities who we see on TV or on the Internet might seem like perfect people — their hair is always in a flawless hairdo, their skin has no pimples or wrinkles, they are always in great shape, etc. But at the end of the day, stars are still humans just like the rest of us, and they too get into awkward situations. Only their mishaps are usually documented by countless paparazzi. Still, they never lose their grace no matter what’s going on, and that’s the lesson we should all learn from them.

1. Cameron Diaz probably forgot to put nail polish on for the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle premiere.

2. J.Lo’s gorgeous dress obviously wasn’t designed for the fact that a person sweats and antiperspirant might not work. But she didn’t even seem bothered about it.

Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News

3. Meryl Streep lost her shoe during her speech. Colin Firth returned the runaway shoe to the celebrity’s foot.

4. Halle Berry proudly donning her armpit stains

PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

5. The tricky cut almost darkened Nicole Kidman’s evening, but the actress treated the situation with humor and kept adjusting her dress without ceasing to smile.

East News, East News

6. Elizabeth Olsen meets the wind gusts with a smile and uses her purse right on the spot.

East News, Marechal Aurore / ABACA / East News

7. In a hurry, Nicki Minaj forgot to zip her costume all the way up when changing for her performance on stage.

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP/East News

8. Raffey Cassidy got untangled from her dress thanks to her colleagues, Natalie Portman, Brady Corbet, and Stacy Martin.

ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / East News, Kazuko Wakayama / KCS / East News

9. Model Ming Xi continues to smile even if she falls.

Marechal Aurore / ABACA / East News, Marechal Aurore / ABACA / East News

10. Paula Patton stained her white dress.

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

11. Jessica Chastain is not afraid to pose in front of cameras, even in strong winds.

AFP / East News, East News

12. Dannii Minogue fell right in front of the cameras by stepping on the trail of her dress.

Can Nguyen / Capital Pictures / eastnews, Can Nguyen / Capital Pictures / eastnews

13. Gigi Hadid’s shoe heel broke right before coming out on the runway. The model didn’t let it bother her and strutted barefoot.

Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News

14. Angelina Jolie and her poorly done hair extensions

15. Scarlett Johansson was caught looking uncomfortable and stiff while John Travolta leaned to kiss her. It’s great that she handled the unexpected kiss well.

Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / East News

Do you think these celebrities were embarrassed to see these pictures after attending the events?

Preview photo credit Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / East News


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