11 Things That Can Reveal a Wealthy Person in a Matter of Minutes

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Thanks to movies, we tend to believe that millionaires drive expensive cars, sport designer clothes every day, and flaunt diamonds and gold watches. But in reality, wealthy people often look just like any one of us. However, you can tell that the person in front of you belongs to a different economic class based on their mindset and behavior.

They value their time.

As a rule, people with a high income value their time and know how to use it efficiently. Why spend a few hours a week on something that you don’t enjoy if you can delegate this to someone else? Meanwhile, you can study the financial market, read a new book, or just relax. They, however, would rather spend more money in order to save some time.

  • Spend money if it saves you time. Time is more valuable than money. © tocksin / Reddit
  • The president of the company where I work used to have a driver to take him to and from work and to meetings, the airport, all that. You don’t need someone who truly matters spending 20 minutes trying to find a parking space or getting stressed over traffic instead of focusing on his job. © macphile / Reddit

They tend to share their wealth with others.

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All people tend to share what they have with others in one way or another, and rich people have many more opportunities to do this. For example, many of them support different charities and contribute millions of dollars in their favor. A few years ago, it became known that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised to donate 99% of his wealth to charities over the course of his lifetime to support science, education, and health care.

  • I have a friend who is quite wealthy, partly from work but mostly from his rich parents. They are extremely generous. On Halloween, they set up a grill in the front yard and gave away hot dogs and bottles of water. They also gave away chocolate bars. ClownfishSoup / Reddit
  • I know a doctor who is the most lovely guy I’ve ever met! He was a locum consultant and would always come in if we needed him. I was doing a review of the budgets for the previous year as a sort of learning exercise. Turns out the person I had replaced wasn’t even paying him! He was kind of shocked when I told him he was owed so much money. He didn’t even notice that we hadn’t paid him for a year! He just loved what he was doing and didn’t care about anything else. © Mysterious-Wash-7282 ​/ Reddit

They tend to buy works of art.

We all want our homes to be aesthetically pleasing and cozy. And we do this with the help of pictures, flowers, and many other interior details. The only difference between rich people and ordinary folks is the cost of these items.

They don’t boast about their wealth.

Successful people don’t need to show off their achievements. They just know that they do well, and this is enough for them.

  • People in suits seem rich until you realize they work for people in jeans. © lilcheez ​/ Reddit
  • I once went to a meeting with a set of business owners and a consultant mate of mine. They all sat down and put their car keys on the table. My friend joked about it, but his car keys remained in his pocket. At the end, I asked him what it was about, and he said, “Really rich people hide their wealth, they don’t show it. We’re speaking to the wrong people.” Interesting story, but I’m not sure I can add much to this discussion other than really rich people aren’t extravagant simpletons, they’re mostly pretty normal people who make wise decisions and don’t buy 250K sports cars. They’ve got nobody to impress after all. © religionisanger ​/ Reddit

They plan their budget.

Recently, the new philosophy, “If you want to be rich, act like it,” has become popular. But this attitude may result in many debts. However, if you’ve completed a successful project, for example, it’s always a good idea to spoil yourself a bit.

  • I think a bigger issue is that most people simply don’t budget. It blows my mind how many people don’t know how much money they spend per month. I grew up being working class and am pretty solidly middle class now early in my life. I don’t need to budget, but I always compare my income to my expenses just to make sure I’m saving each month. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but thankfully my dad was financially literate. What you do with your money will determine how rich or poor you are more than anything else. © myco_psycho ​/ Reddit

If they like something, they don’t pay attention to the price tag.

As a rule, wealthy people visit stores that sell the brands they like. But even if they happen to be in a new boutique, they generally pay attention to the quality of the clothing and whether it suits their style more than its price tag.

  • My brother dated a woman in her fifties who told him she’d never looked at a price tag in her life until she took out her card to pay. © Likemypups ​/ Reddit
  • I think that is also one of the easiest “tells” for class separation. A poor person thinks, “How much will this cost?” and a rich person thinks, “Is this something I will enjoy?” © 001235 ​/ Reddit

They take care of their health.

Medical consultations, examinations, and treatments take a lot of time and money. But these expenses are vitally important. People with high incomes know this perfectly well and spare no means on first-class specialists.

  • I arrived at a job interview at a big company and went to the bathroom. All the women there were wearing neat makeup and top-notch clothes. But when I entered the office of the president, I noticed an important detail that distinguished her from the other women — her skin looked perfect, as if it were Photoshopped, with no foundation at all.
  • I feel like there are still clues as to when someone has met a certain monetary point. The women will have nice hair no matter how old they are, and everyone will have very well-cared-for teeth. This is way before the “wealthy” monetary point but it definitely shows a certain amount of money despite what clothes a person has on. © nospecialsnowflake ​/ Reddit
  • Perfect skin and good teeth. Rich people can afford to go to doctors and medical professionals for their appearance. I did get to go in for one practice treatment and the other folks waiting in the room had amazing skin. Ever since then, I could spot wealthy women just by their complexions. © VapoursAndSpleen ​/ Reddit

They make sure everything is done flawlessly.

When we pay for a service, we expect it to be accomplished with the highest quality. We control and check everything. But rich people require excellence in any work, and they want this to be done accordingly.

  • I own a painting business, and after a while, you learn you’re not gouging wealthy people when you bid higher on their projects. I encourage them to nitpick because that’s the quality of work they are happy to pay for. When my richest client tells me the mirror finish on one of her cabinet doors doesn’t quite match the one next to it, I’m there as soon as possible to buff and polish it again. Paying 10K to have cabinets you can see your reflection in screams “I’m amazingly rich” from the rooftops. © Sergeant-Pepper- ​​/ Reddit

They’re mindful about what they consume.

People with high income pay attention not only to the quality of clothing they buy, but also to the quality of food they consume. And they tend to visit places where they can find it.

  • Several years ago, I worked at a company that collected garbage from apartments on a nightly basis. We had contracts with apartments that were low-income, middle-class, and some bougie condos. I found that almost without exception the more expensive the complex was, the less garbage people produced. The scale also works the same way in a garbage-to-recycle ratio. Higher-end units produce far more recycling than garbage. One factor that played into things, I’m sure, was that all of the upper-class people bought local organic stuff that generally had less packaging, whereas the lower-income people I could tell almost exclusively shopped at cheap supermarkets. © boinksnzoinks ​​​/ Reddit

They tend to explain their decisions to their children.

Parents tend to spend a lot of time and effort on their children’s upbringing, including schools, tutors, sports, etc. The problem is that they sometimes don’t try to explain to their offspring why they need it, making the child wonder why they have to study French, for example, when other kids spend their free time just playing outside.

  • I once stayed at my friend’s place who was quite wealthy. During my first dinner with them, I witnessed the following conversation between the parents and their 10-year-old son. He was complaining that he didn’t want to play tennis because he didn’t know anyone there and didn’t think it was interesting. So his mother produced a very entertaining argument, “You see, when you grow up, become a diplomat, and travel to Japan or Spain, for example, how will you be able to meet the right people there? And a tennis court is a perfect place for this.” When I was 10 years old, my mom used to explain to me why I had to play piano by saying, “Otherwise, you’d be wandering God knows where, and with these classes, I know exactly where you are and that you’re fine.” © Amber Lacerta​​​

They tend to be generous.

When people don’t need to count their every penny, they can easily make some generous gestures, like giving someone a nice gift.

  • My best friend from school was my best man at the wedding. When he saw the ring, he immediately figured out that the relatively large diamond was fake and that I was defrauded...and had it replaced with a new perfectly flawless quality diamond. And he said nothing until it was discovered by accident 22 years later because of a receipt found after the rich guy passed away. The jeweler had been hired to come do the work in secret and had written about it on the receipt. © philosoaper ​​​/ Reddit
  • My wife worked as a pastry chef at a very fancy NYC restaurant when we were in our twenties and just started dating. On her day off, we went to dinner there with a friend. The 3 of us were treated like kings: the head chef came out to see us and chat, we were served 6 desserts, etc. An older guy eating in the corner just randomly sent over an expensive bottle of wine to us “because we looked like we were having such a good time.” I was amazed. Having the kind of money where you can just do random acts of kindness. I’ll never forget that. © Limabean-1216 ​​​/ Reddit
  • I was at a really posh restaurant. We had saved up for months, and a group of 8 girls went out. One of my friends who was recently divorced was flirting with a guy at the next table. When we got our checks, he leaned over and tossed his platinum card, saying, “I got this.” Combined with our tab, it was easily at least $1,000. © eilonwe ​​​/ Reddit
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