Meet Colleen, a 74-Year-Old Model Who Proudly Poses in Swimsuits and Knocks Down All the Stereotypes

8 months ago

We are well aware of the beauty industry’s tendency to establish exceptionally high standards for models. Magazine covers and Instagram profiles frequently showcase images of perpetually youthful, stunning women with flawless skin. Therefore, it’s truly exhilarating when an individual who challenges these so-called universal norms gains popularity. Colleen, a 74-year-old model, serves as a testament that age is truly just a number.

Colleen embarked on her modeling journey after retiring from her initial career at the age of 69. Prior to this, she had been a devoted mother and worked as a flight attendant. Her transition into the world of modeling was rather serendipitous. It all began when the founder of Advanced Style came across her photograph and included it in his book. Shortly thereafter, she secured a modeling contract and quickly rose to stardom.

Colleen has become highly engaged on her social media platforms, where she regularly shares her fashion choices and insights on life and beauty. Additionally, she utilizes social media as a means of offering support to individuals who may be grappling with societal stereotypes concerning appearance.

In the face of criticism, particularly regarding her choice of “age-inappropriate” clothing, she consistently responds with confidence and sass. She’s unafraid to showcase her body in swimsuits and underwear, and she boldly retorts to her critics, “’This swimwear is not age appropriate’, is what they say... I say, ’Wear what makes you feel good!’”

She is steadfastly advocating for women’s right to wear whatever they choose, regardless of their age. Colleen celebrated Christmas with a message to her followers, declaring, “I dress my age however I want!”

In a video, she boldly dons vibrant ensembles, high heels, and mini skirts, along with the empowering caption, “Don’t let them define you. We are strong. We are not invisible. I dress my age however I want.” This post emerged as a wellspring of encouragement for women worldwide, garnering numerous responses filled with gratitude and support.

“People who choose to push the limits of their capabilities are those whom I find so inspiring. Those who find a remarkable way to get up each day, putting one foot in front of the other and getting on with the discovery of life. Don’t count on time, which may not avail itself to you. Every day must be an adventure!”

Colleen is a strong advocate for promoting physical activity. She firmly believes that there are no valid excuses for neglecting exercise and identifies the main obstacle as a deficiency in both physical and mental activity. Much to the delight of her fans, she even sports vibrant attire when hitting the gym.

The model encourages people to keep dreaming and to continuously express love towards their family and friends. She shares a heartfelt sentiment, saying, “Might I wish you the joy of receiving the affection in kind... please, share your beautiful selves with others as we can never know, nor imagine the wonderful difference it just might make in their lives.”

Colleen’s capacity to dream is the driving force that enables her to persist and thrive. On one occasion, she encountered a stranger who was deeply impressed by the model’s love and vitality. In response, Coleen revealed that the wellspring of her boundless energy lies in her dreams and her love for swimming.

The woman shared that she had never dared to dream, and Colleen was so moved by these words that she dedicated an entire post to the subject. She firmly believes that, regardless of one’s age, it is essential to continue nurturing one’s dreams. She implores, “Please, always dare to let yourself dream! Dreams entice you to believe there is life to be lived, strength to be gained, fun, laughter and love yet to be.”

By the way, Colleen is not the only mature woman who refuses to let age erode her confidence, boldly sharing photos of herself in swimsuits.


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