12 Celebrities You Probably Wouldn’t Recognize When They Were Young

2 years ago

We’re used to seeing actors grow up right in front of our eyes. However, not all of them make it big early in life — some famous actors succeed until after turning 30. But this doesn’t mean that they didn’t act in good projects before becoming famous, just that we haven’t seen them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything dug deep into some famous people’s past, and we want to show you how they looked back in the day.

1. Judi Dench — 87 years old

2. Al Pacino — 82 years old

3. Kurt Russell — 71 years old

4. Glenn Close — 75 years old

5. Jeff Bridges — 72 years old

6. Jane Fonda — 84 years old

7. Maggie Smith — 87 years old

8. Anthony Hopkins — 84 years old

9. Ellen Burstyn — 89 years old

10. Robert De Niro — 78 years old

11. Betty White — 99 years old

12. Helen Mirren — 76 years old

Have you seen any old movies in which these actors were really young?


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