12 Discrepancies in the ’Twilight’ Saga That Only True Fans Caught

10 months ago

The famous vampire saga has millions of fans worldwide. The first film about Bella and Edward was released in 2008, with the final installment coming out in 2012. Attentive viewers have spotted dozens of plot inconsistencies and blunders. Here are some of them.

Disappearing book

In the second installment of the saga, Bella wakes up from a haunting dream with Edward. Viewers spot a copy of Romeo and Juliet on the pillow next to her. In the following shot, her father enters the room to bring in a gift, but the book is no longer there.

A perennial high school student

There are some people who are so happy in high school that they wish they could stay there forever, which seems to be the case with the Cullen brothers. It’s very strange that the children of the family spend most of their time in high school, although most of them, like Edward, look more like college students than the rest of their classmates.

Edward’s lost ring

In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon in Brazil. In the scene where they both travel in a cab, Edward intertwines his hand with his new wife’s, and you can see that he’s wearing a wedding ring. However, in a scene shortly after, the 2 are seen in full romance mode on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and he’s no longer wearing it.

A girl in high school

There is a scene in Twilight, specifically in the gym when Bella plays volleyball and accidentally hits a teammate. Just as she runs to grab the ball, a girl suddenly appears on the scene. This is supposed to be high school, so we still don’t understand why she’s there.

The boy in the vest

In the first film, when Bella (Kristen Stewart) first arrives at the new high school, the boy who first addresses her doesn’t have a vest on, but when they get a close-up shot of him, he’s suddenly wearing one.

A magic camera or something like that...

In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Bella receives a camera as a birthday present and decides to use it to take a group photo of her friends. In the scene, you can see both what Bella is looking at through the viewfinder of her camera and the final product. But just at that moment, when the group poses, 2 people pass by from behind, but, of course, this doesn’t appear in the viewfinder.

The egg bag

In the cafeteria scene, where the Cullen brothers first appear, one of them, Emmett, has a plastic bag with what appears to be a pound of eggs. Do vampires like protein-rich breakfasts?

Vampire skin sometimes shines and sometimes doesn’t.

The fact that the skin of the vampires in Twilight glows rather than burns was quite controversial. But the truth is this only seems to happen under certain circumstances, such as when Edward shows Bella how he looks when exposed to the sun’s rays because at other times, he appears under the light of day, and his skin doesn’t glow then.

The boom

It seems that the first movie has many more inconsistencies. For example, in the scene when Bella arrives at the high school in her old van, you can clearly see the production’s boom mic in the reflection of the window.

It seems that the mugs are a common gift.

Maybe because Forks is such a quaint town, but restaurants seem to allow diners to take the ceramic cups with them. This happens in Twilight when Bella’s friends come out of the diner and, as they walk around joking, you can see they’re carrying the local china.

Renesmee’s Fingers on Aro’s Face

In the final installment of the saga, young Renesmee touches Aro’s cheek. Her fingers continuously shift their position throughout the scene, likely filmed over multiple takes.

Bella’s Breathing Tubes move

In the first part of Twilight, Bella ends up in the hospital. When she wakes up, the breathing tubes keep changing their position. They alternate between being on her nostrils and being positioned lower.

Sometimes movies are filled not only with blunders but also with hidden messages that screenwriters and directors have incorporated. Here are a few such films.


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