14 Plot Holes in Movies That We Didn’t Notice for Years

8 months ago

A plot hole can be found in almost every movie. After all, sometimes filmmakers do it intentionally to add dynamism to the plot. We can’t blame them for that, as our favorite movies wouldn’t be as interesting without it.

We all know that a wand chooses its owner. But why did Ron use his brother Charlie’s wand?

The White Walkers are afraid of water. But how were they able to pull a dragon from the bottom of the lake?

The parents in A Quiet Place don’t seem to care about their children’s safety at all. Otherwise, how could they let their youngest son and deaf daughter walk far behind them?

In Scream VI, no one in the NYPD was aware that one of their detectives was the father of a famous criminal.

In Back to the Future 2, Doc could have just gone back a few days and warned Marty of the upcoming disaster instead of sending the teenager into the future.

Twilight’s character Alice is able to see the future. But when Bella gets pregnant, Alice doesn’t find out about it until after Bella tells her.

Bella discovers she is pregnant when she sees a pack of tampons in a bag and realizes that she hasn’t had her period for a long time. Immediately afterward, she speaks to Alice on the phone, and Alice is as surprised as the rest of the Cullen family.

In Aliens, Ellen Ripley discovers that she was asleep for 57 years. However, it remains a mystery how she found out about this.

After all, the scene where her colleague tells her about it turns out to be a nightmare.

In John Wick 4, the main character travels freely around the world, despite the fact that he’s being hunted by literally everyone, and it was even difficult for him to get out of the city.

Even though Sigourney Weaver’s character dies in the first movie, her avatar magically gives birth to Kiri in Avatar 2.

According to one theory, Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity could easily pull her co-worker without sacrificing anyone’s life because he was weightless.

During the baseball game, the Cullens try to hide Bella. But why didn’t Edward use his vampire super speed to just get her off the field?

Instead, Edward asked Bella to let her hair down to hide her scent, which doesn’t sound particularly logical either.

The protagonist’s wife in the movie 17 Again could’ve simply opened her yearbook to realize that he was her husband.

However, neither she nor their children did this. The hero remained incognito and continued pretending to be a new high school student.

When Belle in Beauty and the Beast lifted the curse, it turned out that the servants had not aged a bit. Neither, for some reason, had the villagers—for example, Mrs. Potts’ husband.

According to the theory from some fans, the village got stuck in a time loop. But Belle and her father moved there after it had been cursed. And the reason why all the locals thought they were strange was because Belle and her father were aging like normal people.

After several years in a coma, only the muscles in the heroine’s legs have atrophied. Her arms are strong, as if she had been training during those years.

We understand that if filmmakers didn’t allow for inaccuracies, half the movies might not have been made at all. But sometimes, simple mistakes creep into films


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