It’s Never Too Late to Say ’I Do’: Celebrity Couples Who Got Married After 40

11 months ago

Love knows no age and that’s exactly the sort of statement some celebrities send by marrying later in life, often after 40. And they might just be the lucky ones, because a study claims that those who marry later on in life can make you happier in the long run. Whether it’s guaranteed or not, check out these couples who took time to get to their own happily-ever-after.

1. Neil Patrick Harris

Age at the time of marriage: 41

Spouse: David Burtka

Harris and his husband David Burtka have been together for a long time, but they finally decided to tie the knot in 2014 when Harris was 41. “Well, we’ve been together for much longer than 7 years, because we weren’t allowed to get married for a long time,” the How I Met Your Mother star said.

2. Paris Hilton

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Carter Reum

The Hilton heiress started her relationship with businessman Carter Reum in 2019. The couple got married 2 years later in November 2021. This is Hilton’s first marriage.

3. Bruce Willis

Age at the time of marriage: 54

Spouse: Emma Heming

With Bruce and Emma things happened very quickly. They went out on one date in 2007 and almost went their separate ways, but “fell mad crazy in love,” according to Willis. 2 years later they were married and are insanely happy to this day.

4. Kirsten Dunst

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Jesse Plemons

Dunst and Plemons have been on our celebrity couple radar since 2016, and they met on the set of Fargo. The lovebirds got engaged back in 2017 before finally saying “I do” in 2022. They also have 2 sons together, born in 2018 and 2021. Dunst was previously married to actor Garrett Hedlund.

5. Josh Duhamel

Age at the time of marriage: 49

Spouse: Audra Mari

Hollywood heartthrob Josh Duhamel broke hearts around the world in September of 2022 when he married his long-time girlfriend and former Miss World America, Audra Mari. This is Duhamel’s second marriage, as his first wife was the famous singer, Fergie.

6. Taika Waititi

Age at the time of marriage: 46

Spouse: Rita Ora

The famous director and the world-famous singer got together in 2021 and didn’t waste any time, reportedly getting married in a small ceremony in 2022. Waititi was previously married and has 2 daughters from his first marriage.

7. Britney Spears

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Sam Asghari

Spears and Asghari had been together for years before finally making it official in June of 2022 at their shared home. This is the singer’s third marriage, she shares 2 children with her second husband, Kevin Federline.

8. Kourtney Kardashian

Age at the time of marriage: 43

Spouse: Travis Barker

The couple widely known as “Kravis” took the Internet by storm with their love in 2021. Just a little over a year later, they got married. The couple had 3 ceremonies: an unofficial one in Las Vegas, an official one in California, and a religious ceremony in Italy. This is Kardashian’s first marriage, but she shares 3 kids with her former partner, Scott Disick.

9. Ewan McGregor

Invision/Invision/East News

Age at the time of marriage: 51

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The second couple on our list that met on the set of Fargo is McGregor and Winstead. They started dating in 2017, had a child together in 2021, and made it official in 2022. Ewan was previously married once and shares 4 children with his first wife.

10. Lena Headey

Age at the time of marriage: 49

Spouse: Marc Menchaca

The Game of Thrones star settled down with boyfriend Marc Menchaca in October of 2022. This is Headey’s second marriage. Previously, she was married to Peter Loughran, with whom she shares 2 children.

11. Ron Perlman

Age at the time of marriage: 72

Spouse: Allison Dunbar

Perlman and Dunbar met on the set of StartUp, the show they starred in together. The couple was first spotted together in May 2019 and announced their wedding on June 14, 2022. The Hellboy star was previously married once.

12. Barbra Streisand

Age at the time of marriage: 56

Spouse: James Brolin

It was only in 1998 that Streisand decided to say yes to James Brolin, who is a film and television actor as well as a producer and director. At the time, Streisand was 56 and Brolin was about to turn 58. Today, they’re still happily married.

13. Chuck Norris

Age at the time of marriage: 58

Spouse: Gena Norris

Chuck and Gena Norris crossed paths in 1997, shortly after both had finished working on a minor role in a television series. Chuck found himself captivated by Gena, prompting him to invite her to join him in Dallas, Texas, where they could enjoy each other’s company and create lasting memories.

Over time, their bond blossomed into a deep romantic connection, culminating in their marriage the following year. Despite the 23-year age gap, Chuck and Gena defied conventional notions, proving that age is irrelevant to love.


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