10 Fashion Trends From the 2000s That Everyone Thinks Are Too Silly Now

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Recognizing that a photo was taken in the 2000s isn’t a challenging task. That’s because the wardrobe choices from then were a bit crazy, yet 100% memorable. Looking back on what was popular in terms of fashion makes for an amusing trip back in time and reminds us how much things constantly evolve.

Lace-up trousers

Of course, seeing lace-up trousers instead of the usual zipper today might bring up a lot of questions, but a short while ago they were considered a top-notch item of clothing. But even then, it was only the bravest who dared to buy them.

Classic vest and skinny trousers

Those who lived through the first decade of this century are well aware of how popular tiny classic vests used to be during those times. They were worn with T-shirts, shirts, and even on naked bodies. Another controversial trend back then was skinny trousers. At the end of the 2000s, flared jeans were replaced by extremely skinny trousers. Moreover, if they were so long that there were non-aesthetically pleasing folds of fabric collected around the ankle area that partially covered the wearer’s shoes, these trousers could easily cause envy among your friends.

Tutu skirt

Fluffy tulle skirts became one of the main hits of those years thanks to the main character of the Sex and the City TV series — Carrie Bradshaw. Tutus were so popular that even adult women couldn’t resist wearing them.

Dresses worn over jeans

What would the 2000s be without layers upon layers of clothing with other unnecessary accessories? Back then, iconic red carpet looks included bell-bottoms or skinny jeans worn over knee-high dresses, and no one batted an eye.

Cargo trousers

It seems like there is nothing that could look worse than low-waist cargo trousers, doesn’t it? But 10 years ago not only did they not raise any questions, but they were also considered super-trendy. Moreover, the bravest would tuck them into boots with a tight-fitting bootleg.

String belts

Every girl owned a string belt complemented by rivets, flower appliques, and other types of decorations in the early 2000s. Perhaps you even have one of these belts lying around in the depths of your wardrobe.

Wide belts

Imago Stock and People / East News

Another accessory that was truly loved by the fashion mongers of those times were belts with a huge buckle that were mainly a decorative, rather than a functional element.

Short ankle boots

NIVIERE / SIPA / East News

Every respectful fashion monger of the ’00s owned short ankle boots with high heels. Even Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t resist them. Not only was this type of footwear uncomfortable, but it also visually shortened the legs.

Striped-knee socks

East News

Put on striped knee-high socks and a pleated skirt and your fashionable look from the 2000s is ready. This trend was popularized by Avril Lavigne. And soon, young girls began to wear these socks not only on their feet, but also on their arms.

Pleated miniskirt


Pleated miniskirts, a-la “school girl,” were another bizarre trend of those times. As a rule, they were so short that sometimes it was difficult to understand whether it was a skirt or a wide belt. Nevertheless, both celebrities and ordinary girls were gladly wearing them.

What trends from those years embarrass you the most? Which ones would you gladly wear, even today?

Preview photo credit CHRIS POLK / ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News


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