19 Creative People Who Made Their Homes Look Professionally Decorated

6 months ago

There’s nothing more beautiful than returning to your home and feeling comfortable and at ease to enjoy some time to rest. However, if your decor could be better, you may want to leave as soon as you arrive. That’s why some people take home remodeling into their own hands and get to work to create the perfect home.

1. “’Never paint a room black,’ they said.”

2. “My living room in my house in Japan’s smallest village! I feel so lucky to be here!”

3. “I’d like to think that my room makes the cut for cozy places.”

4. “A room in my grandparent’s house in West Serbia — the carpet, covers, and curtains were all handmade by my great-grandparents.”

5. “A little cozy tea-room and library in Venice, Italy”

6. “I treated myself to a string of pearls for my birthday!”

7. “My husband works at IKEA, and he brought me these cute lights from work today.”

8. “A cozy bohemian room at my friend’s house — she’s a painter and the rug is handmade.”

9. “My partner passed away a year ago and I finally rearranged our living room and put some of his stuff away and it’s feeling pretty cozy and bright.”

10. “My apartment is teeny tiny but it’s mine and mine alone.”

11. “Finally, after 6 years living in cinderblock hell, I have a cozy bedroom!”

12. “Our sunroom, converted to theatre mode”

13. “Our tiny balcony”

14. “Our first Christmas in our first home”

15. “My cozy living room”

16. “Inside my greenhouse”

17. “Our family room is finally getting there.”

18. “I was invited to dinner and I just had to post this here.”

19. “A cozy self-made balcony”

Bonus: A dog can make a bedroom cozier than any designer could.

Preview photo credit bigbassbanjobaby / Reddit


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