12 Witty Comics About How Men and Women Behave Very Differently in the Same Situations

6 months ago

Many films, books and songs have been made about the different ways men and women look at life. Often we really do see the same situations very differently, and if, like Mel Gibson’s character in What Women Want, you want to get inside the head of the opposite sex, these comics should help.

Breaking up is almost always a difficult thing for both sexes. But there are differences

The distinction between men and women down through the ages

What happens when you haven’t checked your Facebook for a week

The secrets of going to the hairdresser

Packing a suitcase

Sharing a bed

What the desktop looks like

The desktop of the computer is also different

The eternal case

How men and women see colours

Why is it always like this with clothes?

How a man and a woman prepare for a party

Of course, these comics are partly a joke, because not all people are the same. But what we do know is that no matter how different people are, or how old they are, or what country they come from, true love is no obstacle.


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