Why Enrique Iglesias Doesn’t Want to Marry Anna Kournikova Despite Their 20-year Love Story and 3 Kids

7 months ago

The relationship between Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova began in front of the whole world. Namely — on the set of the singer’s music video. Their first kiss became public knowledge, and further relations many considered a PR move. However, more than 20 years later, the tennis player and musician are still together, raising three children. And they are also trying hard to hide their lives from outsiders. And really, a public first kiss is enough, isn’t it?!


Before meeting Enrique Iglesias, Anna was already a renowned tennis player. Despite not having secured any singles titles, she achieved the No. 8 ranking in the world by 2000. Enrique had gained considerable fame as a singer, not only in his home country of Spain but also internationally. His single “Bailamos” was released and swiftly ascended to the top spot on the charts in the US.

In 2001, Iglesias unveiled his second English album Escape. Dave Meyers, the director who directed the music video for the album’s first single, also titled Escape, invited tennis sensation Anna Kournikova to film. Reflecting on the striking athlete, Enrique later remarked, “She’s independent, she’s beautiful, she’s funny.”

Within the video, several heated scenes unfold, featuring Enrique and Anna engaged in passionate kisses. In a behind-the-scenes video, Iglesias shared that he didn’t require strong acting skills to share a convincing kiss with Anna.

Hence, it’s unsurprising that following the video’s release, the media swiftly speculated about their romantic involvement. Journalists persistently tried to capture them together, but they refrained from confirming their relationship and avoided appearing in public as a couple.

Wedding questions

In 2002, Enrique and Anna confirmed that they were in a relationship, when they appeared at MTV Awards together. They were smiling and holding each other’s hands, posing as a couple on the red carpet for the first time.

Soon after that, they started living together in Miami, where Enrique already had some real estate. And they were trying really hard to keep their relationship out of the public attention. By the way, in all these years, there has been no information on whether they are married or if they ever had a wedding.

In an interview for Women’s Health, Anna said, “[Marriage] isn’t important to me. I’m in a happy relationship — that’s all that matters. I believe in commitment. I believe in being open and trusting each other and respecting each other completely.”

So, for many years, there were many rumors around Enrique’s and Anna’s break up, but those were never confirmed. In 2011, the singer said that he wants his personal life to be as private as possible, “And especially when you’re with someone who’s also famous and in the spotlight.”

When you have been with someone for such a long time, I don’t think a wedding is going to make a difference," said the singer during an interview for CBS’ Sunday Morning show back in 2011. "It won’t make us happier.


In December 2017, Enrique and Anna have their first children, the twins Nicholas and Lucy. Anna’s pregnancy went unnoticed by the fans, and the announcement about having children was made by Iglesias during his concert in Budapest. This news took fans by surprise. “I became a father 12 weeks ago,” he told the crowd. “And I can absolutely tell you two things, without the slightest doubt, I love my babies. Actually, three things, I love my girl, and I love you guys for being here tonight.”

Soon after the twins were born, the famous parents started posting charming family photos on their social media. It seemed completely unexpected, considering how secretive they usually are.

And in January 2020, Anna had a 3rd child, daughter Mary. At around the same time, she added “Iglesias” to her Instagram profile name, starting rumors that they finally got married.

By the way, when journalists asked if Enrique changed diapers for his baby, the father of 3 said, “I actually do. I’m pretty hands on.”

He also said that he wants his children to follow in his mother’s steps, and not become musicians like him, “I can honestly tell you, if I had to pick one, definitely sports. I love sports. I love golf, I love tennis, and I would not mind seeing one of my little girls play tennis.”

This is what the singer tells about how their kids react to their father’s songs, “Whenever they hear one of my songs they can actually recognize my voice, which is pretty cool. But when they watch ‘Escape’, I think it does throw them off a little bit. ‘What is Mom doing there?’ you know, ‘with Dad’ you know? ‘When was this?’ It’s actually incredible to watch the expression on their faces. It’s pretty cool.”

Even though Anna posts some cute photos and videos with her children and husband on her social media, they are still reluctant to tell the reporters all about their personal lives, as other celebrities do.

Current life

As for the career, Anna retired from professional tennis in 2003 due to serious back and spinal problems, including a herniated disk. But she played in occasional exhibitions and doubles. Now, 41-year-old Anna is an American television personality.

And the singer who is 47 now still releases new singles, performs at concerts and remains a popular musician. He’s got the honorary King of Latin Pop title.

He says that the secret of a happy family relationship is about spending as much time together, “I’m fortunate enough at this time of my career that I can pick my schedule,” Enrique told the British press, “and make sure that I’m not away from the house more than two weeks in a row.”

It’s hard to disagree with Iglesias. To be a successful man and still find enough time for your family is a difficult task. However, Enrique is one of the lucky ones who have figured out this formula. By the way, you can learn more about what kind of parents famous people are here and here.


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