13 Fashion Choices from the 2000s We’d Hate to See Make a Return

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If all of you opened your closet right now, you would find at least one fashion item that you haven’t worn in ages and don’t wish to wear it again. It’s not only clothes that come and go in fashion, but also shoes, hairstyles and general styles. And celebrities are usually the first ones to support any new trends and flash them in front of our eyes.

1. Pleated miniskirts


Pleated miniskirts, a-la “school girl,” were a bizarre trend of those times. As a rule, they were so short that sometimes it was difficult to understand whether it was a skirt or a wide belt. Nevertheless, both celebrities and ordinary girls were gladly wearing them.

2. A pair of lace-up jeans

Whether it be from the sides, front, or back, the laces from our lace-up jeans were apparently all the rage back in the ’00s. Who would’ve thought that a simple way to spice up denim pants was to throw together rodeo-inspired eyelets and string fashioned into a bow?

3. 2-tone hair coloring, light on top and dark underneath.

The 2-tone hair coloring that Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and ordinary fashionistas loved so much in the 2000s is back in style. Singers like Dua Lipa and Billy Eilish have already tried this forgotten technique.

4. A pair of cut-out jeans

At a time when belts were the thing, cut-out jeans emerged as another trend. These pairs of trousers were often worn without waistbands or belt loops and were cut out or ripped. The only thing that stood between gravity and the pants was the zipper.

5. Skinny scarves


One use for scarves is to warm our necks and heads on chilly days. However, there were such things as skinny scarves in the aughts, and they were used more like fashion accessories than protection from the cold.

6. Tutu skirts

Fluffy tulle skirts became one of the main hits of those years thanks to the main character of the Sex and the City TV series — Carrie Bradshaw. Tutus were so popular that even adult women couldn’t resist wearing them.

7. See-through shirts


See-through garments were worn by all fashionistas, including ladies and gentlemen. These outfits often appeared in designer clothing and were dubbed a “sheer fashion trend” at the time. And we can’t forget about the fishnets that were often paired with them.

8. Dresses worn over jeans

What would the 2000s be without layers upon layers of clothing with other unnecessary accessories? Back then, iconic red carpet looks included bell-bottoms or skinny jeans worn over knee-high dresses, and no one batted an eye.

9. Headbands


In spring-summer 2020, accessories have become the main accent in a look. In particular, thin headbands are conquering the fashion arena again.

10. Chunky belts and jewelry


Enormous belts and chunky jewelry dominated red carpet looks. The philosophy was the wider, the better. And there was no limit to what kind of belt or band wrapped around our waists. It included studded leather, silk, strings, chains, and the list goes on.

11. Reflective leather clothing

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / East News

Motorbikers weren’t the only ones to fashion this outerwear. Boy band members did too. One primary example was NSYNC, who often showcased matching wardrobes. A trip down memory lane may expose their leather red carpet moments, like when they wore reflective panels on black leather jackets.

12. Long side-swept bangs.


We still remember long side-swept bangs, and stylists suggest trying this way to style your hair again. Its main advantage is that it makes hair of any length look elegant and suits different face shapes.

13. Leather jackets

Ever since the white t-shirt with leather jacket gained popularity in the 20th century, it has been an easy and classy option for off-season outerwear. A black leather jacket is a timeless classic, but colored ones are now back in fashion again.

What is one fashion trend from the past that you would like to forget it ever existed?

Preview photo credit Sex and the City / HBO, CHRIS POLK / ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News


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