17 Peculiar Photos That We’d Love to Have a Logical Explanation For

year ago

If you take a simple look around you, you will realize that it’s not only the internet that shows the many peculiarities of our world. With 8 billion people living on the same planet, you should expect to see things you’ve never encountered before. And it’s these sights that make our lives interesting and offer them a new and exciting spark.

1. “Amigo, you came into the wrong neighborhood.”

2. “Keys, Check. Wallet, Check. Shoe in Mouth, Check.”

3. A perfect alternative to seatbelts.

4. Underwater studying.

5. Cheap hair color.

6. The question is why?

7. Happy birthday, I guess.

8. “My math lecturer wearing an infinate tie version of himself.”

9. “Should I tell my mom she’s supposed to take the IPad out of the box?”

10. “There are pliers in the driver’s seat. Please remove.”

11. “Not sure how this car stays on the road.”

12. “The Bread Phone.”

13. “Watercooled” PC.

14. Blue syrups doesn’t look very appetizing, does it?

15. Matching phone case.

16. Shaving selfie.

17. “Meanwhile, in Australia.”

Have you ever been confused to this extent in real life? What was it that you saw and stopped to look for a bit?


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