17 People Who Are on Quite a Stubborn Streak

2 years ago

Having your own views on things, thinking for yourself, being assertive and determined — these are all great things that can help you achieve a lot in life. However, when those qualities grow into mere stubbornness, problems may arise. Psychologists say children might grow up close-minded and inflexible if their parents are possessive and controlling.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything strongly believe in self-improvement, so we’ve found these truly stubborn people online to use them as examples and learn flexibility.

1. “The way my sister sleeps because she doesn’t want to take her shoes off”

2. “5 PM, rush hour. At least 3 cars are waiting to get to an open pump. These 2 have been done pumping gas and been holding a causal conversation for 8 minutes now.”

3. “The way my son eats pizza is illegal in 7 states.”

4. “This is how my fiancé set up the TV.”

5. “He was mad that he didn’t get to go to Taco Bell, so he tried to eat a cardboard box.”

6. “I think I married a sociopath. The way my wife uses her magnesium supplements.”

7. “My adult husband put away these chips.”

8. “I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest.”

9. “My parents buy reusable bags every time they shop.”

10. “That’s okay, it’s not like the entire parking lot was full or anything.”

11. “How my coworker charges his phone”

12. “My little sister bit almost every single one of the chocolate-covered cookies.”

13. “My local thrift store organizing books by color! Who looks for books this way?”

14. “Caught my daughter eating KitKat like this...”

15. “The way my sister ate her garlic bread”

16. “My girlfriend takes the toilet paper out of the holder to use it, then when she puts it back, she puts it the WRONG way.”

17. “My brother has a new chair.”

What strange habits do you or your friends and family have?

Preview photo credit maksolin / Reddit


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