13 Things in Our Homes We Tend to Ignore But Our Guests Notice Immediately

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11 months ago

Many individuals often link guest visits with the need for thorough cleaning. It entails mopping floors, polishing windows and mirrors, eliminating dust, and ensuring our homes appear flawless. However, amidst the focus on tidying up, it’s important to recognize that certain subtle elements within our homes can leave a lasting impression on guests, even surpassing the impact of a few cobwebs or traces of clutter on the ceiling.

1. Dirty towels

The last thing your guests want to see in the bathroom is a smelly towel. Not only that, guests will be forced to use it to dry their hands. Damp towels covered in grime will spoil the impression, no matter how cool your bathroom design is. What’s more, wet towels are unsanitary as they retain moisture and spread germs.

2. Leaving your TV on

It has become a common habit for many of us to keep the TV on continuously, even when guests come over. However, we may not realize that what we consider as background noise can be bothersome to others.

Certain individuals, particularly those who are sensitive, may develop a genuine headache due to the monotonous murmuring and incessant flickering lights of a television. Furthermore, leaving the TV on can inadvertently imply to guests that they are unable to hold our attention or provide entertainment.

3. Room smell

Each household possesses its own distinct aroma, often noticed by guests upon arrival. Hosts employ various methods to minimize any unpleasant odors that can emerge within any given space. When faced with a choice between candles and reed diffusers, it is generally advisable to select the former. Reed diffusers typically contain fragrance liquids derived from essential and vegetable oils, which may trigger allergic reactions in certain individuals.

  • House smell is the very first thing I notice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an unpleasant one. But unless you leave your house for a couple of days, you won’t be able to tell what your home really smells like. © Splattabox / Reddit

4. Messy soap in the bathroom

As it turns out, soap is extremely important for many people. First of all, it’s better to replace old and small pieces of soap with new bars. And also, don’t forget about the soap dispenser. It has to be clean and pleasant to use.

  • “I always notice the mess in the bathroom: hairbrushes with hair, old soap bars, and other stuff like that.”

5. Small flaws and minor breakdowns

We spend a lot of time at home, so we quickly stop paying attention to seemingly insignificant little things. Stains on light switches, loose baseboards, or panels falling off are annoying, but if we don’t fix these defects immediately, we’ll quickly forget about them. But anyone visiting our home will immediately notice them, especially if everything else looks neat.

6. Lack of toilet paper

Hosts perfectly understand that toilet paper is a must-have in the bathroom when guests arrive. But it’s better not to limit yourself to just one toilet paper roll. Ideally, you should have a few extra ones in a prominent place in the bathroom.

  • I was at a friend’s party when my stomach decided to play a cruel joke on me. I had to go to the bathroom more than once or twice. And to my horror, at some point, I realized that there was only a tiny pathetic piece of toilet paper on the roll, and the other rolls were nowhere to be seen. This is the most nightmarish memory of visiting someone.

7. Photographs, paintings and other decor

According to designers, it is often the small decorative elements that offer the most insight into the homeowner’s character. While some individuals prefer minimalistic bare walls, creating an ambiance that may appear somewhat sterile, others intentionally select pictures, photographs, and other interior details with care and affection, thereby imbuing their homes with a distinct and personalized aesthetic.

  • My friend invited me to a housewarming party. I was taken aback when I stepped inside the apartment: the smiling faces of the hostess were staring at me from every corner. Her color and black-and-white photos in all kinds of outfits, from evening gowns to peignoirs, were hanging everywhere. A professional took all the photographs, but the overall impression was very mixed.

8. Chipped and cracked cups

The time of the goods shortage is well in the past, and it’s now possible to buy inexpensive yet attractive cups, mugs, and plates in almost any market. They don’t cost a lot and can easily create an atmosphere of novelty and comfort. However, we can sometimes find it hard to say goodbye to a chipped cup or plate for different reasons: perhaps we don’t have time to do it or we can’t find a good alternative that we like as much as the old item.

This way of thinking can become a bad habit, causing the person to stop noticing the small imperfections in their kitchenware. But no matter what your reasoning is, keep in mind that such dingy items never look good in anyone’s home.

9. Fading flowers

Introducing a touch of greenery can infuse color and vitality into even the most lackluster interior. It offers a cost-effective means of embellishing your home without the need for extensive renovations or pricey interior decor. However, if your plants begin to deteriorate and show signs of wilting, it is advisable to remove them from view to ensure a visually pleasing environment for your guests.

10. Pets with poor manners

Many people treat our four-legged friends with genuine affection, but only if they behave decently. For example, don’t try to get on the laps, don’t beg for food, lick our faces, or snarl.

  • A friend of mine had a dog that made the hearts of her male guests skip a beat. As soon as the invitees and hosts were seated at the table, the dog would quietly slip under the tablecloth and start circling the people. She would rest her muzzle on a guy’s lap or between his legs and then begin to growl softly, asking for food. No one had ever risked refusing.

11. Protective film on new items

When TV sets with remote controls first appeared in the world, many people had an extremely careful attitude about this miracle of technology and tried to protect such items with incredible care. However, nowadays, technology has become a common part of life, and you can buy a TV remote at any store. Now, only the most thrifty people put plastic bags or special covers on remote controls and don’t remove the protective film from any new equipment.

12. Bathroom medical kit

Certain guests may take delight in uncovering the hidden secrets of their hosts, particularly if they can do so discreetly. One of the simplest methods is to explore the contents of the host’s medical kit, often found tucked away in bathroom cabinets. Surveys have revealed that 40% of guests routinely inspect the contents of their hosts’ bathroom drawers. Therefore, if you prefer to keep such personal information private, it is advisable to remove medications from the bathroom prior to the gathering.

13. Sports equipment

We round ourselves with things that are meant to tell the world who we really are. If people misinterpret these messages, we feel out of place. And society often expects us to present ourselves only in a positive way, which leads to uncomfortable situations.

We put our bicycles or exercise bikes in a prominent place in the room to show our passion for sports. But if other details in the house negate that signal, both the host and guests might feel uncomfortable.

Taking care of your home and finding solutions to various issues is usually taken very seriously by people. And it’s only natural that when they do a great job, they want to share it with the world.


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