14 People Who Should’ve Picked a Better Tattoo Artist

year ago

Tattoos are a permanent commitment, even though they can be removed through laser removal or surgical methods. These methods are often painful, costly, and can take multiple sessions to remove. That’s why we should think twice before getting inked. Let’s see some people who probably should’ve taken a step back and really thought about their tattoos before going under the needle.

“My buddy decided to get a henna tattoo of a mustache. The foreign worker didn’t understand what he was saying, so she asked him to write down what he wanted.”

“I told him not to do it, my friend got a centipede tattoo on the face.”

“So this kid walked into my friend’s tattoo shop.”

This guy must be someone important to her.

The horror version of this portrait

“I wonder how long until this guy regrets his tattoo.”

Simply bad execution

“First session’s done.”

“Eye see you.”

Something seems to be missing.

“The worst portrait tattoo I’ve ever seen”

“The famous Pinacchio”

Great design, bad execution

“Snoop Dogg by a local artist”

One way to cover up any hair loss issues

Ambiguous conception and implementation

A questionable idea and execution

“This guy’s argyle sock tattoo”

What’s the most unusual or unique tattoo you’ve ever seen? Share the story and a picture in the comments if you have one!


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