15 Marvelous 3D Tattoos That Look Unreal

year ago

3D tattoos have to be some of the most difficult designs for any artist to successfully do. That’s because not everyone understands the two most important elements of them: perspective and shading. That’s why we did our research and found 15 absolutely stunning pieces that look otherworldly.

1. One way to cover up the fact that you have no hair.

2. A flower burning from within.

3. A whole new world exists on his chest.

4. The most realistic spiders.

5. This eye is looking straight inside your soul.

6. Aliens and humans.

7. “Photo of the piece I finished up the other day in two sessions.”

8. The all-seeing eyes.

9. What a lollipop?

10. Made from unique fabric.

11. A magical bird.

12. People seem to love realistic eyes.

13. A butterfly landed on her leg.

14. Cracks are made to be fixed.

15. A beautiful neck piece.

Do you have any tattoos and, if so, are they any of them 3D? If not, would you think about getting such a design?


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